Bigfoot hunt deer by zapping with paralyzing infrasound, researcher claimed

Minnesota siblings claimed they saw a Bigfoot hunting deer in the woods. Pic credit: Animal Planet/YouTube

An investigator suggested that Bigfoot may hunt prey by zapping them with paralyzing infrasound.

Bigfoot researcher Matt Moneymaker made the bizarre suggestion in a recent episode of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. He and colleague Cliff Barackman were investigating a report of Sasquatch hunting deer in Minnesota woods.

Three siblings claimed they had a bizarre encounter with a suspected Sasquatch in the woods near Remer, Minnesota. The Sasquatch ran down a hill, grabbed a seemingly stunned deer, strangled it with its bare hands, and dragged it uphill.

The latest report comes after a Christian minister warned that Bigfoot came from the biblical Nephilim that mated with apes.

Remer is a Sasquatch hotspot

Remer is widely recognized in Bigfoot enthusiast circles as a Sasquatch hotspot.

Sightings are so common in the woods around Remer and neighboring communities that the locals have an annual event celebrating the elusive cryptid.

During summer every year, residents gather at the Remer’s Annual Bigfoot Festival to share hair-raising stories of their encounters with the creature.

Animal Planet investigated a particularly bizarre sighting report by the Birchem siblings–brother Isaac and sisters Emily and Olivia– who claimed they witnessed a suspected Sasquatch hunting deer.

Bigfoot hunting deer

Cliff and Matt met up with the Birchem siblings at the lakeside site of the alleged incident.

Isaac and Emily were exploring the swamp around the lake when they saw a deer grazing at the foot of a grassy knoll nearby. A humanoid creature appeared on the hilltop. It ran down the side of the hill at top speed and grabbed the deer in both arms.

It strangled the animal and then dragged it up the hill.

They recalled it looked human. However, it was much bigger than an average human. It had a massive physique and was black all over.

It was also stronger than an average human. It dragged the prey up the hill as if it weighed nothing.

Deer reacted like one “caught in the headlights”

Isaac compared the deer’s reaction to an animal “caught in the headlights.” The Sasquatch grabbed it before it could react.

Cliff and Matt expressed amazement at the siblings’ account. Matt noted that deer have fast reflexes. He thought it was strange it didn’t run away when it saw the Sasquatch coming.

According to Matt, the deer’s seemingly inexplicable reaction suggested that the Bigfoot stunned it.

He claimed that researchers found that some predators catch prey by emitting disabling infrasound. The temporary paralysis allows the predator to catch up with the prey.

Bigfoot may have stunned deer with infrasound

Matt explained further that researchers in India found that tigers stun prey using infrasound. The infrasound has a paralyzing effect on the prey’s nervous system and muscles.

He suggested that Bigfoot may have similar capabilities and that it was the logical explanation for the animal’s behavior.

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