Bigfoot is Nephilim-ape hybrid, Christian minister warns

Bigfoot is a descendant of biblical Nephilim giants, Christian minister warned. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus

A Christian minister claimed that humanoid cryptids, such as Bigfoot, are the remnant of ancient races of hybrid monsters that resulted from crossbreeding the biblical Nephilim and wildlife creatures, such as apes and bears.

Reverend Bill Bean’s sensational claim reflects the views of a growing number of Bigfoot researchers and paranormal experts that cryptids are not of earthly origin.

Some believe it is an interdimensional creature from another cosmic dimension. Others, such as Reverend Bean, associate the cryptids with demons and fallen Angels described in the Bible.

Origin of the Nephilim, according to Reverend Bean

Reverend Bill Bean, a Christian minister and exorcist, explained that the biblical Nephilim were descendants of the Lucifer (aka Satan) and his demonic angels who came to Earth after God banished them from heaven.

He told the Daily Star that after God banished them from heaven, the Devil and his demonic forces (fallen Angels) traveled to Earth in UFOs and settled among humans.

Biblical tradition identified UFOs as Merkabah Chariots. The Old Testament Prophet Ezekiel saw Merkabah Chariots and described them in detail in The Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 1.

While living on Earth, the fallen Angels married human females and fathered the race of hybrids known in biblical tradition as the Nephilim. The Bible described the Nephilim as superhumans who dominated the world in their time.

Because the Nephilliim were demon-human hybrids, they were partly spirit and partly flesh and blood, Bean said.

Origin of Bigfoot

The Nephilim hybrids also married human females. But, according to Reverend Bean, some of them chose to have “unnatural” relationships with animals, such as apes, monkeys, bears, wolves, and dogs.

Bean explained that the sinful relationships produced cryptid monsters, such as Bigfoot (or Sasquatch), Mogollon Monster, werewolves, and dogman creatures.

The minister of God believes that UFO and alien phenomena are due to the fallen Angels monitoring the Earth. Aliens aren’t biological species from other planets but demonic entities watching over the Earth.

Bean’s insight comes from his life experience fighting evil spiritual forces. He has battled with demons since he was only five years old. His experience inspired him to dedicate his life to helping people overcome demonic influences.

Bean, a UFO-hunting Christian minister, claims he has seen Merkabah Chariots that the spirit beings ride. They are the same as UFOs people from around the globe report sighting.

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Meg Kenly
Meg Kenly
1 month ago

Very interesting idea, read before through Scott Carpenters work.

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