Hunter spotted 7-foot-tall Sasquatch foraging for food in Oklahoma woods

A hunter allegedly encountered a Sasquatch foraging in Oklahoma woods. Pic credit: Animal Planet/YouTube

A recent episode of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot investigated an alleged frightening encounter with a Sasquatch in Oklahoma woods.

An Oklahoma hunter named Charles told Finding Bigfoot’s Cliff Barackman that he was turkey hunting when he stumbled upon a full-grown Sasquatch deep in the woods.

The encounter scared the veteran hunter so much that he never dared return to hunt turkey.

However, when Barackman and his team visited him at his gift shop in southeast Oklahoma, he agreed to take them to the spot where the sighting occurred.

The latest testimony comes after The Proof Is Out There on History Channel consulted experts on the Freeman footage captured on August 20, 1992, at Deduct Spring, Oregon.

The experts concluded the footage seemed authentic and could be genuine Sasquatch evidence.

Charles returned to the spot where the sighting occurred

Charles took Barackman to the place in the woods where the alleged Bigfoot encounter occurred.
He was sitting in a turkey blind on a ridge, waiting for a bird to show up, when he heard a noise in the ravine below. He stepped out to investigate the cause of the “ruckus.” As he approached, he saw a gigantic “critter.”

He had never seen anything resembling it in the decades of his experience hunting. Scared out of his wits, he fled, leaving his turkey blind and decoy in the woods.

The turkey blind and the decoy were still where he left them.

“I decided this is his ridge he can have it,” he said with a laugh.

Sasquatch was about 7 feet tall

Cliff wanted to know how tall the Bigfoot was.

Charles showed Cliff the tree beside which the Sasquatch was standing when he sighted it. They estimated the height of the creature at about 7 feet.

Sasquatch was foraging for food

The Bigfoot was bent over, looking for something on the ground. Cliff guessed it must have been foraging for food, such as nuts and other plant material on the ground. A pool nearby suggested to Cliff it may have come to drink.

Both men agreed that it made sense that a Sasquatch was hanging out beside the pool because there was plenty of plant food to pick up there.

The latest report comes after a Montana man named Dan claimed he survived a Sasquatch attack on his property (see video above).

Dan was exploring a wooded section of his property when he allegedly encountered an angry Sasquatch that hurled a rock at him. The rock hit his head and knocked him unconscious.

His wife later found him lying unconscious and bleeding from a gash in his temples.

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