Monster Bigfoot turd ‘bigger than a Coke can’ allegedly discovered in Washington

A Bigfoot enthusiast claimed she discovered Bigfoot poo in Washington woods. Pic credit: Christy Morton via Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Photos/Facebook

An enthusiast claimed, sensationally, that she stumbled upon Bigfoot turd in Washington State. She said it was comparable in size to a Coke can.

Facebook user Christy Morton shared the bizarre claim on the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Photos, Videos & Sightings Facebook page.

She took to the Facebook group on December 23 to share a series of photos, including two that showed an alleged “pretty massive poo.”

The latest claim of Sasquatch evidence comes after a video purportedly showing an 11ft-tall Bigfoot uprooting a 30-foot tree and tossing heavy logs “like broomstick” went viral on Facebook.

A Bigfoot enthusiast also claimed to have photographed a Sasquatch peeking from behind a tree in Michigan woods.

A Bigfoot allegedly took a dump in woods outside Willard

Morton explained that she was investigating a lava bed at an isolated spot north of the Columbia River Gorge, near Willard, WA, when she made the unusual discovery.

While exploring old caves at the site, she came across what she described as a “pretty massive poo.” It looked like a stone at first glance. However, it turned out to be soft material on closer examination.

She counted a total of five piles in the area. Morton added that the alleged Bigfoot turd did not have fur sticking to it. She also did not observe undigested material, such as pieces of bone or berries.

The “main” turd of the pile was “bigger than a Coke can”

The Bigfoot hunter went on to explain that the biggest of the pile of alleged Sasquatch turd was “wider than a Coke can.”

She also identified several elk droppings at the site, but they looked different than the alleged Bigfoot turd. She then asked Facebook users for their take on the evidence of a Bigfoot roaming the woods around Willard.

“What do you think- bear or…?” she inquired.


Many members reacted to the post.

Some believers agreed it could be Bigfoot turd and marveled at the size of the alleged cryptid dropping.

“Very cool that’s huge. I think those caves could very well give you answers,” a Facebook user wrote.

Another user claimed they also stumbled upon suspected Sasquatch poo in Colorado.

“Very similar to one I found near a mountain stream in Colorado a few years ago,” the enthusiast said.

A member expressed doubt that it was Sasquatch poo. The person claimed that a “scientist” said Sasquatch poo resembled tar.

“Just had a scientist comment on Sasquatch poop. I believe he said that it has the consistency of tar,” the user commented.

Another proposed that Morton send the sample to a lab for DNA analysis.

Many agreed it was not bear dropping, but others said it could be elk.

“Cow elk leave pellets [but] bulls leave clumps all moshed together… so looks to be bull elk scat,” one responded

“It’s not bear… I seen that and it looked like a cow pile from what I’ve seen,” a second contributor wrote.

“Not bear, sometimes moose dropping can look like cow dung,” a third chimed in.

Others shared their experiences of encounters with Bigfoot in the wild.

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