Michigan man believes ‘mangled’ deer carcass could be Bigfoot dinner leftover

An enthusiast claimed a Bigfoot might have killed and feasted on a deer in Michigan’s Northern Lower Peninsula. Pic credit: Pixabay

A Bigfoot hunter believes that the mangled remains of a deer he stumbled upon in the woods could be leftover from a fearsome Sasquatch’s dinner.

Facebook user Dean J. Poeppe took to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page on January 8 to share grisly photos showing the scanty remains of a badly mauled deer.

He discovered the carcass while exploring the woods in Michigan’s Northern Lower Peninsula.

Poeppe’s contribution to the Facebook forum comes after another Bigfoot hunter reported stumbling upon Bigfoot turd in Washington State about the size of a Coke can.

Bigfoot in Northern Michigan woods?

Poeppe claimed he encountered a Bigfoot in Northern Michigan woods in July 2022. He’s been trying to track the elusive cryptid since the first encounter.

In his Facebook post, the Sasquatch hunter explained that he often went into the woods in search of Bigfoot signs. But months of search led only to “questionable footprints.”

However, in early January, he went exploring ahead of a snowfall.

Badly mauled deer Bigfoot evidence?

While following a double-track trail, he came upon the remains of a deer he described as “mangled up pretty bad.”

Something or someone had attacked the deer, killed and ripped it up. The condition of the carcass suggested a predator given to extreme violence.

There were no bones left in the carcass except for a section of the skull.

The attacker had bashed in the skull, sinking one eye deep into the socket. The assailant also twisted the deer’s neck around multiple times as if trying to use brute force to rip it off the rest of the body.

“All that was there was the hide and head,” Poeppe concluded after searching the area and finding bones dumped at two spots.

Facebook believers reacted

Although some Bigfoot believers quickly endorsed the suggestion that the mangled carcass could be leftover from a Bigfoot’s dinner, others disagreed.

Skeptics argued it was more likely that leftover after a hunter or poacher skinned a deer he shot.

“That’s what’s leftover by someone who has throwed out what is left after skinning a deer,” a Facebook user wrote. “Look not enough blood or meat on the skin. I’m a deer hunter.”

“My theory [is that] someone harvested a deer, boned out the meat, and discarded the parts they considered unusable,” a second skeptic wrote.

A third person said they believed that hunter did “a rear skinning to harvest hind quarters and back straps” and left the rest for coyotes.

An expert claimed it could be Bigfoot

Many members of the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group agreed that the “mangled” carcass was more likely leftover after a hunter skinned a deer.

However, a cryptid researcher defended the theory that the animal could be the victim of a Bigfoot attacker.

According to the Daily Star, Sasquatch researcher Andy McGrath believed a “hairy humanoid creature” may have been responsible for the gruesome scene.

However, he cautioned against jumping to conclusions, saying there were other “logical possibilities” to explore. But Thomas Marcum, a cryptid researcher, agreed that the animal may have been the victim of a human hunter.

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