Baby Sasquatch swings playfully from tree while Mama looks on

A camper allegedly captured footage of a Baby Sasquatch swinging from a tree while its mother watched from the ground. Pic credit: via History/YouTube

A rare sighting of a Baby Sasquatch allegedly occurred in the Catskill Mountains of New York in 1997.

Doug Pridgen and his friends attended a weekend music festival in May 1997. They camped near the festival site, and Doug filmed his friends sitting around a campfire at night.

Later, while reviewing the footage, he claimed to have noticed something swinging from a tree branch in the background (scroll down to see footage).

The footage showed the creature climbing up the tree. When it reached the top, it began swinging playfully from the branches.

Bigfoot researchers believe the cavorting creature was a Baby Sasquatch. Some analysts also claimed they saw a Mama Sasquatch moving around on the ground below.

Ape-like creature was a Baby Sasquatch, expert claimed

Experts who analyzed the video acknowledged that the creature’s swinging motion suggested it was a small primate or ape.

They insisted it was certainly not human. They argued that the slim branches at the top of the tree couldn’t have supported the weight of an adult human.

Bigfoot researcher Cliffman Barackman added that the creature was not a human in a suit. He argued that a human could not have imitated the uniquely ape-like swinging motion on flimsy treetop branches.

He was sure that the creature was an ape of some sort, most likely “a Baby Sasquatch.”

“I think that is a Sasquatch doing Baby Sasquatch stuff up in a tree,” he said.

It is not the first time that people have reported sighting juvenile Sasquatch. Paranormal Papers reported that a man claimed he snapped a photo that showed a Mama Bigfoot carrying her infant in the woods around Shaver Lake, CA.

[Note: Start 21:52]

Mama Sasquatch watching her baby

Barackman also claimed he noticed a Mama Sasquatch near the tree.

According to the researcher, the footage seemed to show a bipedal creature moving around on the ground below the swinging juvenile.

He claimed that footage proved that the Sasquatch population in North America consisted of reproducing male and female individuals.

Why Baby Sasquatch sightings are rare

Journalist Tony Harris acknowledged that reported sightings of juvenile Sasquatch were rare. However, there have been notable cases.

He cited an incident in British Columbia in 1884 during the construction of the trans-Canadian railroad. Workers captured a strange primate creature that modern-day researchers believe was likely a juvenile Sasquatch.

Paranormal Papers also reported that a hunter claimed to have captured a juvenile Sasquatch on a hidden camera in Appalachian Mountain range woods.

Experts believe Baby Sasquatch sightings are rare for the same reasons baby pigeons and baby squirrel sightings are rare. Mothers protect their infants and keep them out of sight in secluded nests, safe from predators.

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