Adam Ellis thinks his cats can sense a ghost in his apartment and it’s gone viral on Twitter

Two cats acting strangely
In the midnight hour, Adam Ellis’s cats are acting very strange. Pic credit: @adamtotscomix/Twitter

Adam Ellis from Manhattan, NY, has been posting the bizarre behavior of his cats and other seemingly paranormal-related activity on his Twitter account.

It all started when he started having some strange dreams where he saw a child sitting at the bottom of his bed on a rocking chair. Adam also experienced sleep paralysis and that combined with strange dreams is something that is quite common.

However, Adam went on to say the child had a large, weirdly shaped head with a huge dent on one side and that the child got up and started moving towards him.

The writer and illustrator named the terrifying apparition Dear David, and the ghost then haunted Adam for over a year.

One of the weirdest parts of the story is his assertion that his pet cats gather around his bedroom door every night at midnight. He posted an unsettling pic to Twitter.

We’d guess that is either a very punctual and habitual mouse or something else is drawing them to the room…or it could be totally fake.

In another cat video, Adam claimed his cat was swiping at a spectral being in the living room. When asked if it could be a fly, the Manhattan-based apartment dweller claimed his cat had never done swiped at bugs like that.

In many cultures and myths, cats are seen as in contact with other planes or realms. Civilizations like the ancient Egyptians and in popular culture from Lovecraft to Constantine, are attributed unearthly powers.

Adams also posted multiple clips that appeared to show various objects moving about on their own accord. He reckons that his apartment is haunted and that the ghost is a child.

Adam Ellis drew an image of Dear David

Adam provided a helpful drawing of how his terrifying ghost looked.

Adam kept his followers hooked on the story of Dear David throughout 2017 and into 2018. He continued to post spooky clips and pictures, often of blurred images in doorways.

In one pic, a spooky boy-shaped object appeared to be standing over Adam. He wrote, “He was on the bed. Inches from me, staring down at me sleeping.”

Dear David to be made into a movie

In 2021, Deadline reported that the adventures of Adam and Dear David were to be made into a movie by Lionsgate. The film would focus on the story of a content creator who became haunted by a demonic ghost, which is precisely what Adam claimed happened.

The movie will star Justin Long and Augustus Prew as Adam Ellis.

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