Futuro UFO home can be yours for a price

UFO House exterior
This very cool UFO home can be yours for a few hundred thousand dollars. Pic credit: TradeMe.com 

If you’ve ever fancied having your very own UFO to hang out in or even live in, then this amazing UFO home for sale in New Zealand might be just the thing.

The spaceship-like building was actually designed in the 1960s by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, who was looking to create pre-fabricated ski chalets that could be moved about.

Known as Futuro houses, they were constructed with fiberglass-reinforced polyester, and only 100 were ever built.

Juanita Clearwater is an architectural designer and the owner of the house. Although she is loathe to part with the Futuro, she feels that it is not being used enough.

If you fancy owning it then Clearwater is looking for around $289,000, though she says the intentions of the new owner are more important than the exact price.

The entrance to the UFO
The entrance to the UFO home even features some cool stairs. Pic credit: TradeMe.com

You can read more about the house on the sale page.

*Updated January 23, 2023 

Sale of UFO house was agreed: With conditions

Clearwater had been very clear that the sale of the house came with certain conditions, and she was determined that the new owner should have the house’s best interests at heart.

The designer decided to sell because she would soon be an empty nester and wouldn’t have been able to make full use of the unusual home. She thought hanging onto it and using it for only occasional visits would be “selfish.”

Clearwater was quite determined that the house be well taken care of, and she lamented that many of the Futuro houses in the US were allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. She saw the Futuro houses as an important part of history.

The house owner received hundreds of offers from all over the world, including the USA and UK. However, a sale was eventually agreed upon with an anonymous New Zealand-based doctor.

The new owner offered a cash price and decided to keep the house in its current location.

Inside the Futuro UFO house
The house is in great original condition with a very 60s vibe. Pic credit: TradeMe.com

At the time, Clearwater explained, “We had higher offers but we took the one that was the least complicated and most passionate about the home, which was a defining factor for me. So, we did have higher offers but we thought, no, this gentleman is going to appreciate it the most and will look after it.”

Take a tour of a Futuro UFO house

Another Futuro UFO house owner from Christchurch, New Zealand, took Living Big In A Tiny House viewers on a tour of his home last year.

Nick also explained that the houses were designed to be easily movable. He also claimed that only 100 were ever made and that there are only 60 left.

Would you live in a Futuro or buy one to use as a holiday home?

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