UFO Seekers climb 8000 feet for glimpse of Area 51

UFO Seekers car
The UFO Seekers have a specially modified vehicle. Pic credit: @UFO Seekers/YouTube

UFO Seekers have wanted to get a good look at the secret government installation, Area 51, so they climbed up a nearby peak to attain some snaps.

Tim Doyle and Tracey Sue run the YouTube channel UFO Seekers and decided that they wanted a better look at the mysterious United States Air Force facility known as Area 51.

To this end, they climbed 8000 feet up Tikaboo Peak in the Nevada desert so they could peer down at the secretive military base over the lower ridge that blocks it off from view.

They were still over 25 miles away, so the pair had to employ some state-of-the-art telescopic photo lenses to get some clear shots.

The photographs clearly detailed a selection of buildings and warehouses on the site. There were no people (or aliens) visible, and, unfortunately, it was impossible to tell what was going on inside.

We guess it was never going to be that easy, eh?

UFO Seekers took lots of detailed shots of Area 51

A wide shot of Area 51 taken from Tikaboo Peak
A wide shot of Area 51 taken from Tikaboo Peak. Pic credit: @UFO Seekers/YouTube

Many conspiracy theorists think the American government has hidden alien technology or even aliens at Area 51, and several other YouTubers have tried to get close to or even into the base.

Area 51 buildings and hangers
Area 51 buildings and hangers. Pic credit: @UFO Seekers/YouTube

The pair say they investigate UFO sightings, black projects, and secret military activity in order to try and find some evidence of UFOs’ existence.

Area 51 from a distance
Area 51 from a distance. Pic credit: UFO Seekers/YouTube

*Updated January 23, 2023

The UFO Seekers are still going strong today, and last month they posted a video to YouTube documenting another excursion to the top of Tikaboo Peak.

They have now attained better quality camera equipment with excellent zoom functions, so they were able to take some crystal clear shots of the secretive military base.

Check out the video below.

What is Area 51?

Area 51 has been in use since 1955, although the CIA only officially acknowledged its existence in 2005 via a freedom of information request. The nearby highway is known as the Extraterrestrial Highway and is popular with tourists and UFO hunters.

The facility is located on a dry lake bed called Groom Lake, about 85 miles north of Las Vegas, and was most likely created to develop the U2 spy planes and other aircraft during the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

However, the base has been shrouded in mystery for decades, and the military remains super protective of the region. There are multiple armed guards, surveillance cameras, and a no-fly zone in the region.

Area 51 became primarily associated with aliens and the 1947 Roswell crash; however, it’s thought that multiple experiments and secrets occur within its vast perimeter.

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