AlienCon 2018 tickets on sale now!

AlienCon 2018 logo
AlienCon 2018 is headed your way next June in Pasadena

Every year AlienCon brings together those fascinated by ancient alien theories and paranormal events.

Inspired by the series Ancient Aliens, AlienCon 2018 will bring together experts from the show, including Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, William Henry and David Childress. There will also be a wide selection of authors, scientists and archeologists.

The panels will discuss the possibilities of extraterrestrial life, the mysteries of Earth’s ancient civilisations and the various theories that have been put forward over the years regards aliens having visited Earth in the distant past.

They are also promising a few surprise guests and usually they are from famous sci-fi TV series or movies, so for instance in 2016 some cast members from cult hit Firefly (our fav!) were attending.

AlienCon 2018 will run from June 15-17, 2018 and take place at the Pasadena Convention Center, Pasedena, California.

You can grab your tickets here and keep track of what will be on via the official Facebook page.

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