UFO lights over Bushwick, Queens sparks a debate

An alleged UFO over the Bushwick neighborhood of Queens, New York. Pic credit: via ***tbird384/Reddit

A Reddit user recently shared videos purportedly showing UFOs flying over Queens, NY.

The Redditor, who goes by an NSFW screen name, claimed they filmed the videos over the Bushwick neighborhood of Queens on Sunday, October 15.

The Redditor filmed the videos from their porch. They described the footage as showing red flashing lights in the night sky looking northeast (scroll down to see the video).

Red flashing light disappeared abruptly

The bright stationary light in the first video is the planet Jupiter, while the flashing light traveling below it across the sky is the alleged UFO. It travels along a straight path, then turns northward and flies until it disappears in the dark.

The witness claimed the UFO appeared on three occasions, minutes apart. Puzzled about the nature of the lights, the witness uploaded two videos to Reddit and asked for suggestions.

UFO over Queens seen in Bushwick
byu/shitbird384 inBushwick

Redditors suggested it was a regular aircraft

Many Redditors were skeptical of the suggestion that the lights were UFOs. Multiple users claimed they were regular aircraft.

“Woah, an aircraft with a light within 5 miles of 2 major airports!” one user responded sarcastically.

“This is 100% a plane or helicopter flying into a cloud,” a second user commented.

The witness disagreed, saying aircraft lights appeared regular in the sky over the neighborhood, but the ones in the videos were unusual.

2nd Video of Weird lights over Queens seen in Bushwick
byu/shitbird384 inBushwick

“A lot of planes fly around here, -crossing to JFK and LGA,” the Redditor said, “This doesn’t make sense for either of those directionally.”

Besides the unusual direction in which the craft flew, the intensity of the light and the speed were anomalous.

The witness added that lights from most airplanes and satellites remain visible along the entire span of the sky that the observer can view from their position. However, the flashing light in the footage disappeared abruptly after being visible only over a short span of its path across the sky.

“Most planes and even satellites I see cross s the whole span of sky that is visible in their path,” the Redditor continued. “This almost seemed like a comet or debris re-entering atmosphere. But me seeing a few more is weird too.”

One Redditor agreed that the light faded away “in an odd way,” but insisted “it appear[ed] to be an aircraft based on its speed.”

Airplane vs. helicopter

Although many Redditors believed it was a regular craft, there was no consensus whether it was an airplane or a helicopter.

“This is 100% a plane or helicopter flying into a cloud,” one user opined.

“Looks like planes,” a second said.

“That’s a chopper, baby,” a third suggested.

Some thought the lights were more likely a drone or Starlink satellites.

“Those are drones,” a user commented.

“There was a drone show a few days ago. Maybe it’s related to that,” another agreed.

“Drones, Starlink..,” a third chimed in.

However, a few users said the anomalous behavior indicated it was a UFO. Some even shared their experiences.

“I always see ufos over Juniper Park. I know that sounds nuts but they move so weird,” a Redditor wrote.

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