Black triangle UFO spotted over Karlsruhe, Germany

A resident of Karlsruhe, Germany filmed a black triangle UFO over the city. Pic credit: via The Hidden Underbelly 2.0/YouTube

A puzzled resident of Karlsruhe in Germany reported a black triangle UFO flying over the city.

The sighting reportedly occurred around 7 p.m. CET (1 p.m. ET) on Sunday, October 1. The witness captured footage of the strange aerial object (see YouTube video below).

Karlsruhe, a city in southwest Germany, is one of the largest in Baden-Württemberg state.

A “glider-like” UFO

The video shows a black triangle UFO flying in a “glider-like” motion. The YouTube channel, The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, shared the footage earlier in the month. The YouTuber described the object as “paper glider-like.”

The video shows the black object soaring in the sky. It appears to be flying at a high speed and making acrobatic turns, somersaults, and dives.

It is difficult to tell from the video whether it is a glider or engine-propelled aircraft. However, the absence of visible exhaust may support the claim that it is a glider or a drone.

The video shows the city below. The object was not at a high altitude. It was flying below the clouds.

Did the UFO generate “interference”?

The witness claimed that after they made the video, their phone device began having technical issues. The phone restarted and then had camera errors.

The witness added that they had never experienced such errors on their phone.

Although the witness speculated that the errors may have been due to “stretch[ing] out the zoom feature,” some enthusiasts speculated that the UFO was interfering with the phone.

One enthusiast claimed they had similar experiences while filming UFOs and suggested it could be a military or government aircraft.

Reactions on YouTube

The YouTuber who shared the footage on the video platform noted that the UFO performed multiple rotations and dives as it flew overhead and concluded it was likely a drone.

Many commenters agreed that it was likely a radio-controlled plane or a drone. One YouTuber said it looked like a TR-3B but admitted it was too small to be one.

[Note: The TR-3B, or black triangle UFO, is an alleged advanced craft with an anti-gravity propulsion system. Enthusiasts believe the US government reverse-engineered from retrieved alien UFOs. ]

“Could also be a drone, oversized RC airplane, or an experimental prototype being tested,” the UFO enthusiast commented. “The flight path of it seems more conventional- except for the slight pivot that it does briefly.”

The commenter speculated that the flight pattern suggested anti-gravity technology. However, other UFO believers said it could be an alien UFO.

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