Truman allegedly covered up UFOs flying over Washington in 1952

President Harry Truman allegedly set the tone of official US govt UFO non-disclosure policy. Pic credit: via History/YouTube

Harry Truman was allegedly America’s first president to confront the potential national security implications of the UFO phenomenon. According to UFO historians, his administration laid the groundwork for the country’s official policy of secrecy regarding UFOs and ET phenomenon.

Conspiracy theorists believe that US presidents in the seven decades after Truman (1945-1953) faithfully followed his UFO non-disclosure policy.

It was under Truman that the infamous Roswell incident happened. His administration also allegedly covered up information about a fleet of alien UFOs that flew over Washington in July 1952.

Truman established UFO non-disclosure policy

Conspiracy theorists trace the origin of the policy of concealment of information about extraterrestrials to various incidents in US history.

Some trace it back to the 1897 Aurora, Texas incident under President William McKinley, while others believe it started with the 1947 Roswell incident under Truman.

However, there is a greater consensus that the Truman administration established the official non-disclosure policy by its handling of two successive incidents.

The first was the alleged Roswell UFO incident in 1947. The second under Truman was more significant from the perspective of national security:

Multiple waves of alien UFOs allegedly flew over the seat of government in Washington.

UFOs allegedly swarmed over Washington in 1952

According to media accounts, on July 19, 1952, air traffic controllers at Washington National Airport reported they detected a fleet of UFOs flying over the nation’s capital. The UFOs reportedly flew over the seats of government, including the Capitol and the White House.

The grave national security implications of the alleged incident meant that the Truman admin was the first to face the challenge of formulating and implementing the official policy regarding the UFO phenomenon.

According to conspiracy theorists, history reveals that the administration settled for a policy of concealment. Truman’s response to the UFO threat set the precedent for successive administrations.

Truman admin covered up 1952 incident

The Truman admin allegedly tried to cover up the truth about UFOs flying in a swarm over Washington.

Officials reportedly came up with multiple conflicting explanations. Some dismissed them as “radar anomalies,” others said they were “temperature inversions.”

They also dismissed alleged eyewitness reports, insisting they were mistaken. However, many Americans believed the government was trying to hide information from the public.

Americans still believe that their government routinely avoids sharing information about UFOs.

Paranormal Papers reported that a UFO investigator recently claimed that the Biden administration covered up information about an “anomalous craft” that the USAF recently shot down over Alaska.

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