Shiny metallic orb UFO over SRQ airport sparks online debate

Alleged metallic orb UFO over Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ). Pic credit: via LUFO/YouTube

A YouTuber recently uploaded a video allegedly showing a shiny metallic orb UFO flying in the sky over Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) in Florida.

YouTuber LUFO, who shared the video on October 17, did not confirm the date the sighting occurred but confirmed it was in the daytime over SRQ.

“Was it a drone, balloon, or something beyond our understanding?” the YouTuber asked viewers.

Mystery metallic orb UFO flew under the clouds

The video shows what appears to be a metallic orb UFO flying across the sky below the clouds. The camera pans down at a point to show the ground, and viewers can see that the UFO is flying over the airport’s Gate B3.

The footage shows a commercial airport undergoing boarding or disembarking while the mysterious object flies overhead.

Reactions on YouTube: “Mirror-like ball” UFO?

YouTube viewers expressed conflicting opinions about what the UFO was.

A viewer claimed they had seen a similar “mirror-like ball” UFO.

“I [saw] the same thing here in the U.K. last year,” the YouTube user wrote. “Mirror-like ball traveling quickly, which changed direction twice. I have pictures of it.”

But some suggested it was a balloon.

“Plenty of balloons adrift on the breeze have I seen move exactly like this object,” a YouTube user reacted.

“Nice silver balloon. Some Kid is p***d off,” another wrote sarcastically.

But others disagreed.

“Balloons do not travel horizonal,” one person said.

Mylar balloon?

Someone proposed it was a mylar balloon.

“Mylar balloon on windy day. We pick them up regularly on the airfield,” the YouTube user wrote. “People think it’s cool to let them fly away but they always come back down.”

Mylar balloons are also known as foil balloons. They consist of plastic coated with metallic material.

The metallic coating gives the balloon a shiny and reflective appearance. However, they don’t look shiny after being decorated with colorful designs.

People prefer them because they are more durable than latex balloons. They leak gas less rapidly because they are less porous. Thus, they stay aloft longer.

Water droplet blown across vehicle windscreen?

Some viewers suggested it was likely a water droplet blown by wind across the vehicle windscreen.

“A water drop being pushed by the wind in the glass?” someone suggested.

But others rejected the suggestion:

“That’s no water drop!” a believer protested.

The latest sightings come after Paranormal Papers reported that a YouTuber shared footage allegedly showing an orb UFO hovering in the sky over Jasper, Texas.

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