YouTuber films bright orb UFO over Jasper: USAF jets showed up

A YouTuber allegedly filmed a bright orb UFO over Jasper, Texas. Pic credit: SabineRelics/YouTube

A YouTuber recently shared footage allegedly showing an orb UFO hovering in the sky over Jasper, Texas.

YouTuber SabineRelics filmed the UFO on Tuesday, October 17, around 6:00 a.m. The sighting lasted about an hour.

Orb UFO hovered silently in the air

The YouTuber was returning inside after taking out the garbage when he looked up and saw a bright orb UFO in the sky.

He first thought it was a bright star but quickly realized it was not a distant object but something hovering within the Earth’s atmosphere.

He guessed it might be a drone or weather balloon. However, it wasn’t like any other drone or weather balloon he had seen.

Puzzled, he pulled out his camera and started filming.

Strange display in the morning sky

The UFO was orblike, luminous, and pulsating. It hovered silently in the air with colors streaming from it. After some time, it morphed into a glowing red triangle.

“O my God, O my God, what is this?” the bewildered witness said as he filmed the UFO hovering above.

The filming starts just before dawn and continues for more than 40 minutes until daylight. Viewers can hear a cockerel crowing in the background.

The YouTuber watched as the object performed a “roll maneuver.” It performed the strange maneuver twice.

Another strange craft came into view. At first, he thought it was a regular aeroplane, but it stopped mid-air beside the first orb UFO. A third joined the strange aerial performance.

The two new objects were much smaller than the first one. Although he could see them with unaided eyes, they were not visible on the camera.

The smaller UFOs approached the first bright orb and stopped by it.

USAF jets came to investigate

The orb UFO began pulsating more intensely, giving off different colors. It seemed that it was communicating a message to the other two.

The aerial display continued for an hour and 2 minutes, during which two Air Force jets appeared. As the jets came closer, the orb UFO flew vertically into the air as if trying to escape.

A third USAF jet appeared, and they tried to form a triangle around the UFO. It responded by rising even higher.

He had to stop filming after his phone battery ran out. By that time, the UFO was almost out of sight.

Witness left puzzled by the mysterious sighting

The bizarre sighting left the YouTuber puzzled. He checked the FAA flight plans and found no record of them. He was sure they weren’t drones, weather balloons, or helicopters.

The appearance of USAF jets seemed to confirm that something strange was going on. USAF jets often flew over the area, but three appearing at once was unusual.

It seemed that the jets came to investigate and forced the UFO to leave.

Reactions on YouTube

The footage left YouTuber users baffled. Some responded sarcastically, while others said it “made no sense.”

“Thats all we’ll ever see: lights in the sky,” one YouTuber complained. “At some point its getting boring. Same d**n light show. So what? Its getting old.”

“That’s so crazy!! Makes no sense!” another said.

Some thought the witnesses might have mistaken astronomical bodies for UFOs.

Many others posted joking comments.

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Eric T.
Eric T.
1 month ago

If you have not seen anything like this before, you might be a believer after watching this. As for me I’m a believer. I’ve lived in Orange county since the early 80s, this is not the first time I’ve witnessed these lights, in the area. I was traveling west down I-10 one day(75mph) and spotted a “comet” in the clear blue sky, well comet until it made a left turn and went south. I’ve never seen an end trail make a 90 degree turn. I believe.

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