Creepy clown captured on camera in Louisiana woods sparks Facebook debate

A creepy clown allegedly stalked a deer hunter in Louisiana woods. Pic credit: Timmy Vidal Jr. via Bigfoot Believers/Facebook

A Facebook user shared a photo supposedly showing a creepy clown staring at him from behind a bush while hunting for deer in the woods.

Timmy Vidal Jr. shared the scary picture on the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page on Friday, October 13.

He was sitting in his deer stand in Louisiana woods when he spotted something moving furtively half-hidden in the bush to his left. When he looked, he thought he saw a creepy clown staring back at him.

Despite the shock, he reached for his phone and snapped a photo.

“It took me a second to gather what I thought I saw and was able to get my phone and snap a pic of this thing staring at me while I looked at it kinda creepy,” he wrote.

Photo shows ghostly creepy clown hiding in the bush

Below is the picture he shared on the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page with nearly 170,000 members.

Although the creepy clown is easily discernable in the picture, it blends like a ghostly apparition with the surrounding natural environment.

A Facebook user shared creepy clown photo he captured while hunting deer. Pic credit: Timmy Vidal Jr. via Bigfoot Believers/Facebook

Reactions on Facebook

Hundreds of Facebook users viewed the image and shared their views. Some said it was a creepy clown resembling Pennywise.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is a character from Stephen King’s horror novel It (1986). Actor Bill Skarsgård played Pennywise in the movie adaptation released in 2017 and the sequel It Chapter Two (2019).

Others thought it looked like Ronald McDonald, the Hamburger-Happy Clown.

Ronald is the mascot of McDonald’s fast-food restaurant chain. He is a native of McDonaldland, populated by various fictional characters such as Mayor McCheese, Grimace, Birdie, Fry Kids, the Hamburglar, and Grimace.

“Ronald McDonald,” a Facebook user suggested.

“Looks like a clown,” another wrote.

“You hear ’bout people in clown get ups and wanderin’ around in the woods they ain’t up to no good, that’s creepy lookin,” a third commented.

Other suggestions included the American actor and comedian Jack Black, a hunter in camo, a wolf, and Groot.

Groot is a character from the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Skeptics also reacted

Some sceptics dismissed the suggestion that a creepy clown was hiding in the bush and staring at the hunter.

One Facebook user complained about the photo quality.

“What the **** kind of phone you have… one from the 60s[?] …. My iPhone takes crystal clear photos,” the user said.

Others argued that the face was only an incidental pattern.

Due to a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia, people sometimes see familiar patterns in otherwise meaningless visual stimuli.

Seeing a human or humanoid face in random visual patterns is one of the most common manifestations of pareidolia.

“Did it ever move? If not, I am claiming paradolia,” a user commented. “If you look into the woods long enough, your eyes will create shapes out of tree bark, shadows and stoned that ate simply tree bark, shadows and stone.”

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