Flying saucer UFO with rotating lights over Lake Zurich left experts baffled

Alleged flying saucer UFO with bright rotating lights over Lake Zurich. Pic credit: via Bastw055/YouTube

Residents in Swiss towns and villages miles around Lake Zurich recently reported sighting a giant flying saucer UFO with bright bluish lights hovering over the lake.

According to the Swiss news website, people living in Feldmeilen, a village on the northwestern shore of Lake Zurich, about 10 km from Zurich city, said they saw a UFO hovering over the lake late on Sunday, October 15.

People living miles around reported seeing similar strange phenomenon. The widely reported phenomenon left locals and experts baffled.

The mysterious sighting comes after Paranormal Papers reported that residents of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas feared an alien invasion after seeing a flying saucer UFO in the clouds.

Luminous disc-shaped UFO in the sky

Witnesses living closer to the shores of the lake said the lights came from a giant disc-shaped UFO that hovered for about five minutes before disappearing mysteriously.

A witness captured eerie footage showing the alleged UFO at about 2:20 a.m. on Sunday, reported. The video shows a disc-shaped object in the night sky.

The massive saucer-shaped UFO has bright bluish rotating lights (see video below).

A witness first mistook the UFO for nightclub lights

A woman said she woke up at night and noticed a dazzling bright light in the distance. At first, she thought they were nightclub lights and people were partying in the neighborhood.

But the sight was unusual, so she went to her window to look out. The woman noticed that the lights were not coming from the ground but from the sky. She also expected to hear noise from the partiers, but the night was eerily silent.

She called her son and pulled out her cell phone to film the strange phenomenon.

The mysterious UFO hovered in the night sky for about five minutes before disappearing abruptly.

People miles around reported seeing similar strange lights

Residents in communities around Schaffhausen (town) and Diessenhofen (village), about 64 km north of Feldmeilen on the High Rhine, also reported seeing strange lights.

People living in Diessenhofen and Schaffhausen also saw the lights just before midnight.

Experts puzzled by the reports

Media investigators questioned experts about the reports.

A representative for Skyguide, a Swiss company that provides air navigation and airspace monitoring services, said they had no idea what they were.

The company official said the video was puzzling because the lights did not reflect on the lake below.

The mystery of the strange phenomenon remains unresolved.

“We will never know exactly… true or not… I have a feeling… but its just feeling,” a YouTube viewer concluded.

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