Flying saucer UFO over Mexican state sparked alien invasion fears

Flying saucer UFO sighted over Mexican state of Tamaulipas sparked alien invasion fears. Pic credit: via @marcellaguzman1//TikTok

Footage allegedly showing a flying saucer UFO passing slowly in the night sky over north-eastern Mexico emerged on social media.

Terrified residents of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas feared an alien invasion as the alleged flying saucer drifted through the clouds.

The footage sparked speculation and conspiracy theories on TikTok.

Giant flying disc had a ring-shaped halo

TikToker Marcella Guzman uploaded footage of the alleged UAP drifting in the skies over the State of Tamaulipas in north-eastern Mexico.

He asked fellow social media users whether anyone else saw the UFO.

“This thing that you see here started as a circle, disappeared and later looked like a moving starlet,” Marcella wrote.

The UFO appeared to be a disc-shaped object flying through the clouds. It had a ring or halo of light around the outer edges. The rear end had a blob of light.

The sighting reportedly left residents of the Mexican state perplexed because no one knew what it was.

According to the Daily Star, rumors that an alien invasion had started sparked panic.

You may view the video here on TikTok.

The video went viral on social media

The footage caused excitement after Guzman uploaded it to TikTok.

Many TikTok users reported that residents of neighboring northern states, including Nuevo León and Coahuila, also saw it.

It went viral on the social media platform, with more than 4.5 million views, 5K comments, 490K likes, and 10K shares.

Alleged UFO sparked speculation

People speculated about the video on TikTok.

Some proposed it was the latest proof that alien spacecraft are visiting Earth and accused the government of UFO coverup.

Others expressed skepticism, saying it was likely a hoax or a video illusion.

Some joked about it. One user said it was the Guardians of the Galaxy, the sci-fi superhero characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

A religious TikTok user suggested that the recent increase in UFO sightings fulfilled the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.

“In Revelation one of the many signs that there will be and among them it is said that there would be signs in heaven,” the user wrote.

Many social media users said it was a rocket launch

However, many TikTok users suggested it was likely a rocket launch.

“Rocket launch. Probably SpaceX,” one viewer commented.

“It’s a satellite launch for crying out loud,” another responded.

“Launch of another satellite,” a third wrote.

But others denied that it was a rocket launch.

One person said they also saw the UFO flying over their house in Texas and added that people in Florida and Oklahoma states saw it too. The user denied claims it was a rocket, saying it made no noise.

“Saw and recorded this fly over my house in Texas,” the TikTok user wrote. “For those saying a rocket, you are way wrong. This was also seen over OK and Florida. Made no noise.”

UFO over the Bilbao dunes of Mexico

The latest UFO sighting comes after a tourist reported he saw a UFO in a selfie he snapped while exploring the Bilbao dunes in Coahuila state, Mexico.

Ramiro Navarro claimed that he took multiple selfies while exploring the awe-inspiring landscape. However, one of the photos featured what appeared to be a UFO hovering in the sky behind him.

But he did not notice the strange aerial phenomenon until later while reviewing the photos.

Navarro shared the photo on social media, and many UFO enthusiasts agreed it was a flying saucer.

The excited tourist said there might have been aliens in it. He was glad they did not abduct him.

UFO hunter also sighted a flying saucer over Devon

Veteran UFO hunter John Mooner also claimed he photographed a UAP flying over the Devon countryside in June.

He declared that the photos proved the existence of aliens.

He photographed the alleged UFO after spotting a metallic glint between the clouds.

Mooner sighted it twice. He captured a side view in the first appearance and the underside the second time.

He estimated that the flying saucer, which had windows on the side, flew through the skies at more than 1,000mph and generated a “force field.”

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