Woman unknowingly took ‘haunted doll’ home, spirit terrified family

A “haunted doll” allegedly terrified a family in Paisley, Scotland. Pic credit: Pixabay

A Scottish woman claimed she unknowingly took home a “haunted doll” that terrified her family.

Yvonne Hydes, a resident of Paisley, a few miles west of Glasgow, Scotland, said she noticed paranormal activity in her house after taking home an old doll she received as a gift.

She believed it was responsible for spooky activity in her house, such as knocking sounds, phantom footsteps, and objects moving when nobody was there.

Hydes received the “haunted doll” as a gift

Hydes worked with The Scottish Ghost Company, an organization that specialized in investigating paranormal activity.

Glasgow Live reported that the company investigated alleged paranormal activity at Provan Hall, a historic property in Easterhouse, believed to date back to the 1460s.

During the investigation, a member of Hydes’ team gave her an old doll they received from a friend.

It wasn’t the first time someone had given her a doll as a gift. However, there was something about it that made her feel uneasy.

A team member who worked as a medium expressed his suspicion about it. He advised her to keep it in her garage, but she ignored him.

Agnes terrified the family

She took the old doll named Agnes home and found space for it in a spare room. She left it seated in a chair in the room.

But soon after, she and her family noticed strange activity in the house. They reported hearing loud knocking, ghostly footsteps, objects moving when no one was there, and electrical appliances malfunctioning.

They also noticed that their dog gave the doll a wide berth. The cocker spaniel would bark and act strange when it saw the doll.

Once, they heard knocking and doorbell ringing. The noise continued for days and spooked the family, including the dog.

They also heard phantom footsteps in the house.

A medium took Agnes home

The family eventually concluded that Agnes had caused the unusual activity. They called a medium who worked for her company. He took the doll home and sat it in his living room.

The medium later reported that he heard knocking sounds and footsteps in his house soon after the doll arrived.

The company decided to investigate. While performing a procedure to force the entity to manifest, several people watching live on TikTok and Facebook claimed they saw it blink.

The investigating team decided that the entity associated with the doll was not evil. They concluded it was safe to investigate further and learn more about the spirit, christened Theresa.

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