Pentagon UFO researchers studied UFOs and poltergeist activity link

Pentagon UFO study investigates poltergeist/UFO phenomenon connection

A document from an unnamed senior manager from BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies) details why the UFO researchers were looking into a link between UFOs and poltergeist activity.

The document was reported on by KLAS-TV, a CBS affiliate. The BAASS researched UFO phenomenon for the Pentagon, and the New York Times released several documents about the research in December. However, they either didn’t get this document from the unnamed manager, or they didn’t report it.

So, what did the BAASS find that made them research poltergeist activity?

The document states that: “The phenomenon also involved a whole panoply of diverse activity that included bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and much more”,

According to the manager, new methodologies were developed to account for the wide array of stories that a group of witnesses would tell about one incident. Each witness would experience different things and therefore would report different things, making eyewitness accounts untrustworthy.

From their research, the team decided that UFO phenomenon was capable of manipulating human perception, meaning that the phenomenon could somehow make you see and sense things that weren’t actually there. Because of this, the BAASS claims that the new methodology changed how we determine the threat levels of UFOs and revolutionized the industry.

The document also advocates a broader approach to UFO research, as opposed to simply focusing on the machines and aircraft.

This entire claim is interesting if you know anything about Robert Bigelow, head of Bigelow Aerospace. There are two Bigelow Aerospace headquarters, one in Las Vegas, and the other is at the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. Bigelow investigated UFO and paranormal phenomenon for the U.S. Government at the Skinwalker Ranch with his previous organization, the National Institute for Discovery Science from 1996-2004.

During the investigation, they researched UFOs, warp engines, exploring other dimensions, and dark energies. The ranch is said to be the site of lots of UFO activity, cattle mutilation, abductions and Skinwalkers. The investigation’s report indicated that there had been interdimensional activity at the ranch.

Did Bigelow’s most recent investigation with the BAASS reveal solid evidence for poltergeist activity in connection with UFOs? It seems we’ll have to wait to see if further documentation is released from the investigation to find out!

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