Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle is a medieval fortress in Fingal, County Dublin, about 14 kilometers north of Dublin City. It was the home of the Talbot family for 800 years. Local folklore claims that several ghosts haunt the castle.

Sallie House

The Sallie House is an alleged haunted house in Atchison, Kansas. Dr. Charles Finney practiced his medical profession there. Legend says the ghost of a little girl named Sallie, who died while Finney performed surgery, haunts the house.

The Octagon House in Washington D.C.

The Octagon House at 1799 New York Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C., served as the residence of President James Madison and First Lady Dolley Madison during the War of 1812. There have been reports of paranormal phenomena in the house since the 1800s.

LaLaurie Mansion

LaLaurie Mansion, where a fire occurred in 1834. While attempting to rescue people from the mansion’s slave quarters, rescuers discovered a chamber where Madame LaLaurie allegedly engaged in extreme sadistic torture of imprisoned slaves.

Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the most notorious and purportedly haunted buildings in the USA, thanks to a tragic history and a myriad of stories.

Hinsdale House

An ordinary-looking house in Hinsdale, New York, the “Hinsdale House” is a spooky property with a reportedly ghostly past – and present.

RMS Queen Mary

Cruise liner the RMS Queen Mary has been the scene of apparent paranormal activity for many decades. It is now permanently docked in Long Beach, California.

Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles dates back to the 1920s and is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in America.