RMS Queen Mary

RMS Queen Mary

Cruise liner the RMS Queen Mary has been the scene of apparent paranormal activity for many decades. It is now permanently docked in Long Beach, California.


Built in Scotland from 1930 to 1936, RMS Queen Mary was designed to be a luxury cruise liner.  At over 1000 feet long, it was then the largest ship in the world.

The luxury liner showcased some of the finest furnishings in the shipping world and hosted the richest, wealthiest, and most prominent members of high society.

When World War II broke out, the ship was converted to enable it to be used to transport troops. During its service, RMS Queen Mary took many thousands of soldiers into Europe.

Sadly, the ship’s ventilation system could not cope with the increase in passengers, and some of the soldiers died from heat exhaustion.

By 1947, following 10 months of work, the ship had been converted back to a cruise liner. She sailed the seas for the next 20 years before being permanently decommissioned and docked in December 1969.

Today, she is used as a floating museum and hotel, playing host to world-class restaurants and suites. Historical tours are given and the “hauntings” onboard are well-publicized – RMS Queen Mary certainly seems to have embraced its haunted status!


RMS Queen Mary seems to be the home of a veritable stable of spirits.

Half Hatch Harry

In 1966, John Pedder, also known as Half Hatch Harry, was an 18-year-old crewman aboard the ship, when he died in grisly circumstances. The young man was mysteriously crushed to death behind one of the heavy doors in this part of the ship. These doors take 60 seconds to close, meaning that his death is deemed to be rather suspicious.

John’s ghost received the nickname Half Hatch Harry due to the obscene manner of his death.  John/Harry seems to be one of the ship’s most active spirits and is usually seen near door number 13, where he died.


Dana, whose whole family was allegedly murdered onboard the ship, is said to haunt the second-class pool and cargo areas. Apparently, she calls out to her mother and can often be seen playing in the cargo area.

Pool Areas

This has not functioned as a pool for many years, yet some ghostly ladies still seem to frequent it dressed in their 1930s bathing costumes.

Guests have reported seeing wet footprints leading to the changing area, and supposedly, you can hear the sounds of ladies splashing in the water and laughing.


Another pool area is renowned for sightings of a little girl, thought to be called Jackie, who cuddles her little teddy bear. Jackie is about five or six years old and is thought to have drowned in one of the ship’s pools.

She is a playful friendly ghost who has engaged in conversation with visiting guests. In 1991, Peter James was in the pool area when he entered into a conversation with Jackie and actually managed to film the encounter for 10 minutes. This encounter was the inspiration behind the TV show, Sightings.

The Dude

This dude is an exceedingly well-dressed gentleman who has reportedly been seen enjoying a drink in Sir Winston’s Bar Area. The Dude is known for being pretty interactive with visitors.

HMS Curacoa

RMS Queen Mary collided with HMS Curacoa on October 2, 1942, resulting in the sinking of HMS Curacoa and the loss of 300 lives.

Guests on RMS Queen Mary often report being woken by the sounds of anguished cries and the sound of rushing water coming from the front of the ship. Some believe the souls of the drowned men remain on RMS Queen Mary.

Room 340

Chillingly, this room is off-limits and is permanently locked. No guest is permitted to stay here because the room is so violently haunted. It is thought that the haunting escalated after a member of staff was murdered in the room.

Other Ghostly Activity

Strange events have been reported by guests staying in the first-class staterooms. Taps are alleged to turn on by themselves; lights are switched on and off, footsteps have been heard, and sometimes, heavy breathing is heard.

Others say their bed sheets have been pulled off by an invisible force, while some have answered a ringing phone in the middle of the night, only to find there is no one on the other end of the line.

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