Ex-butler claims Princess Diana’s ghost haunts Cheshire mansion

Princess Diana’s ghost allegedly haunts a country mansion in Cheshire. Pic credit: Public Domain via Wikimedia

A man who served as butler to Princess Diana claimed that the ghost of the late Princess of Wales haunts his Cheshire mansion.

Paul Burrell’s sensational claim sparked astonishment among royal watchers and fans because Diana never lived in the house or visited. Durrell moved into the property two decades after the woman he served died.

However, he said he was Diana’s closest friend, and she once told him he was the only man she “ever trusted.”

He suggested that Diana was reaching out to him years after she died because they loved each other (see video below).

Burrell started working with the royal household in 1987 and served as Diana’s butler from 1994 until her tragic death in 1997.

Diana’s ghost allegedly caused paranormal activity

According to the Daily Mail, Burrell and his husband Graham Cooper, a legal practitioner, said they believed Princess Diana’s ghost haunted their house.

They called paranormal experts to investigate after allegedly experiencing ghostly activity.

The house is a country mansion in Tudor style. Built in the 19th century as part of the Peckforton Castle estate near Chester, it belonged to Timothy John Edward Tollemache, the 5th Baron Tollemache.

Cooper acquired the house from Tollemache in 2008. Baron Tollemache, former Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, is a prominent landowner in Britain.

How much Cooper paid to acquire the home is unknown, but experts estimated its current value at about 2 million pounds sterling ($2.54 million).

Queen Elizabeth was a close friend of the former house owner

Baron Tollemache was a friend of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, often visited the family at their Helmingham Hall home in Suffolk.

Burrell’s house will feature on Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted

The house will feature in an upcoming episode of Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted, on Discovery Plus (see video above).

It follows a team of ghost hunters attempting to contact the alleged ghost of the late Princess of Wales.

They use a mechanical device to contact the ghost. According to the paranormal experts, the machine can hear what the ghost says and report back.

The device eventually shares the words “sorry,” and “France.” The team then tries to decode the message with Burrell’s assistance.

Burrell suggests the ghost said “France” because it wanted to share a message about the circumstances of Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris.

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