Indiana man believed aliens abducted him while driving on a rural lane

An Indiana man believes aliens abducted him on a rural lane. Pic credit: Paranormal Papers/AI-generated

A Reddit user recounted a terrifying experience of suspected alien abduction that happened many years ago.

The Redditor was attending Indiana University Bloomington at the time. He was driving home from Bloomington late in the evening, around 10 p.m., when the incident occurred.

[Note: He did not share the name of his hometown but noted that Bloomington was about 2 hours drive from there.]

He said what happened to him that night remained a mystery after many years, but he suspected he may have been a victim of an alien abduction.

However, members of the AskReddit forum suggested other possible causes, including a fugue state and an isolated schizophrenic episode.

Strange flashing lights on a deserted rural lane

He turned into a deserted rural lane nearly an hour into the journey. After driving a short distance, he noticed strange lights flashing behind him.

He thought it was the cops signaling to pull him over. So he pulled over and opened the glove box to retrieve his vehicle papers.

But while taking them from the glove box, he noticed no approaching vehicle. He was still trying to figure out what was happening when he noticed that the electronics in his car were malfunctioning.

The radio was on, but it started randomly changing from one station to the other. The volume fluctuated erratically while the headlights went on and off repeatedly.

He guessed that the malfunctioning was due to a battery or electrical issue. He got out of the car and opened the hood to check it.

That was the last thing he remembered doing until he regained consciousness much later.

An alien abduction?

In the next moment of his recollected consciousness, he saw himself looking into a star-studded night sky. They were brighter than any he’d ever seen.

He sat up, looked around, and realized he was lying in the middle of a newly harvested cornfield. The night was cold. Alarmed, he got up, wondering where he was.

He had no memory of what happened in the intervening period after he got out to check his car and when he woke up. He didn’t know how he ended up in the middle of a cornfield or where he left his car.

But while looking around, he noticed headlights in the distance, about half a mile away. He guessed it was his car and started walking toward it.

He reached the car after walking for about 10 minutes. The lights were off because the battery was dead, but his phone was still in the passenger seat.

He entered the car, picked up the phone, and checked the time. It was 2:17 a.m.

It meant three hours had passed since pulling over after seeing flashing lights.

Disoriented and bewildered

He sat in the driver’s seat, feeling disoriented and bewildered. Suddenly, he remembered that his car battery was dead after 30 minutes of being lost in thought.

His phone was still working, so he called for roadside assistance.

Help arrived within an hour.

What happened that night remains a mystery

He had time to think while waiting for help.

“To this day I couldn’t tell you what really happened to me that night,” he said. “All I know is I can’t think of any plausible explanation as to why I woke up over half a mile away from my car in the middle of a cornfield more than three hours after I had stopped.”

His uncle was the only person he confided in about his experience. He was afraid to share his story with others because they might think he was crazy or making things up.

But he admitted he would feel the same way if someone told him such a story.

“If somebody came to me with a story like that, that so closely mirrors the stereotypical encounter story, I probably wouldn’t believe them either,” he concluded.

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