Bigfoot-like creature photographed walking at night in Montana woods

A Facebook user’s game camera photographed a Bigfoot-like creature in Montana woods. Pic credit: Colton Small/Facebook

A Facebook user recently shared a photograph taken with a game camera that shows a humanoid figure walking alone in Montana woods late at night.

The photo attracted attention on the social media platform. It also drew the attention of enthusiasts, who declared the lone figure was almost certainly a Bigfoot skulking in the woods under the cover of darkness.

The latest report comes after a Bigfoot hunter claimed they stumbled upon nine-inch-wide footprints in Virginia woods.

A mother and son pair also reported encountering an 8-10 feet tall Bigfoot on the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota.

They described it as having a physique resembling Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

A UK tourist reported seeing a British version of Bigfoot resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mysterious humanoid figure alone in wildwoods

Facebook user Colton Small took to the social media platform on December 20 to share a game camera photograph taken at night in woods within the boundaries of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana.

Although he shared the photo on December 20, the timestamp indicated the game camera photographed it on September 3.

According to Small, he regularly used game cameras to monitor activities in the woods at night. While looking through recently taken photos, he noticed one that appeared to show a humanoid creature walking alone late at night. He also shared a photo of himself walking with a friend for comparison.

Compared with the humans, the creature seemed to be a large, stocky, apelike creature that walked with a bipedal stance. It also had long swinging arms.

Reactions on Facebook

Facebook users debated the photo. While some thought the photo likely showed a Bigfoot taking a walk in the woods, others disagreed. Many posted lighthearted comments.

“Walker does look like Bigfoot,” a Facebook user commented.

“Bigfoot trying to find the homelands during Covid aye,” another joked.

But others said that although it looked like a Bigfoot, it wasn’t tall enough.

“If that is big foot, he looks to be about 6 ft tall lol,” one user commented.

According to Sasquatch lore, Bigfoot ranges from about 7 to 9 feet. However, Sasquatch believers claim Bigfoot shorter than 7 feet could be juvenile.

Some Facebook users said it was a Skinwalker

Some suggested it could be an evil or benevolent paranormal being that comes out at night.

“Cheyennes believe there are beings before us and after us, beings that protect us, many are, and there are bad,” a viewer responded.

Some thought it could be a Skinwalker.

Skinwalkers are paranormal beings from Native American folklore. The Navajo call them yee naaldlooshii.

They are evil witches with shapeshifting powers. They transform into animals such as coyotes and wolves and go out at night to do evil.

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