Aliens with underwater UFO bases put humans on Earth, singer Shaun Ryder claimed

Shaun Ryder believes that aliens have UFO bases in the oceans. Pic credit: GBNews/YouTube

British singer Shaun Ryder believes that extraterrestrial beings have UFO bases up in the mountains and seas and that they put human beings on Earth for a purpose.

The former Happy Mondays and Black Grapes singer and songwriter claimed that the aliens are monitoring our civilization from their mountain and underwater base hideouts as part of a scientific experiment.

Advanced aliens put us here, Shaun Ryder said

Ryder told the Daily Star he believed there is life on other planets. He argued that it would be strange if there were no life elsewhere in our universe.

According to the 61-year-old former I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestant, it would be “weird” if we were alone in the universe. He argued that other intelligent civilizations must have existed before ours and that they put us here for an experiment.

The aliens are conducting a scientific experiment to see how our civilization would perform.

In the singer’s opinion, we have refused to learn any lessons from our history of constant warfare. We are also destroying our planetary environment.

Aliens have UFO bases in the seas and mountains

Ryder said the aliens who put humanity on Earth have UFO bases in the mountains and seas. He claimed that ancient artwork featuring spaceships proves that aliens have been around and monitoring humans for centuries.

He added that the paintings of medieval masters, such as Leonardo da Vinci, feature spaceships flying in the sky.

Ryder is not the first to allege that ancient, medieval, and prehistoric rock art features UFOs. UFO enthusiasts believe that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics have representations of flying machines. They also claim that prehistoric rock art depicts human encounters with UFOs.

Some UFO enthusiasts said that aliens made geoglyphs, such as the Nazca lines, to guide their UFOs to landing.

Ryder had a close encounter with aliens

The singer claimed he had multiple encounters with aliens and UFOs. His first encounter with UFOs occurred in the 1970s when he worked as a messenger boy at the post office.

The incident occurred when he was going to work in the morning. As he approached the bus stop, he saw a UFO flying in the sky at a high speed. The alleged flying object moved in a zigzag pattern and changed altitude repeatedly.

Rapper Puff Daddy saw aliens in a red UFO

Ryder is not the only celebrity who claimed they saw a UFO.

Paranormal Papers reported that rapper Puff Daddy (Sean Combs) claimed he saw aliens in a red UFO in Florida. He saw the UFO from afar, but they communicated with him telepathically.

The I’ll Be Missing You (1997) singer told The Sunday Times (UK) that he tried to share his experience, but people were skeptical.

But he has been getting more attention following the stunning allegations of government UFO coverup by whistleblower David Grusch during the recent congressional hearing.

Other celebrities who claimed they saw UFOs include Miley Cyrus, Tom DeLonge, Kurt Russell, Russell Crowe, Demi Lovato, and Post Malone.

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