UFO sighting left North Carolina witness ‘frozen’ with a ‘feeling of dread’

UFO with red lights left Reddit user feeling fearful. Pic credit: Pixabay

A Reddit user reported experiencing a “dreadful feeling” after a nighttime encounter with a UFO.

The Reddit user, who goes by the screenname etscyy, took to the social platform to share a “fear” instilling experience he had last year but which continues to weigh on his mind a year later.

He saw an aerial object and described the sighting as his “first real time UFO encounter.”

UFO with red lights in the night sky

Etscyy lives in a trailer park in North Carolina (NC). The area is quiet, with no significant industrial activity. There are also no military bases in the area. So he was surprised when he saw UFO lights in the night sky.

The UFO sighting occurred at about 8 p.m. The Redditor went outside to check his mailbox after a late-night workout. While outside, he looked up in the sky and saw three red lights in a triangular formation.

The lights weren’t very bright, but they glowed with an aura against the backdrop of the night sky. They weren’t blinking like passenger jet lights and formed an upside-down triangle.

But as he watched, the light on the left corner of the triangle began moving further left while the others stood still. After moving some distance to the left, it stopped and retraced its path until it ended up in its original position.

The witness felt the UFO was communicating a message but couldn’t figure it out.

UFO sighting left witness feeling “like I was gonna die”

The lights sat unmoving in the sky for a few minutes before fading gradually.

The Reddit user recalled a sense of weirdness about it and a feeling of dread. He recalled experiencing an overwhelming feeling “like [he] was gonna die or something.”

“I was froze up [sic] to put it bluntly,” the Reddit user wrote. “Felt like there was a higher power.”

After the lights faded, etscyy went inside and never shared the experience with anyone. However, the strange feeling of fear and dread persisted.

Reddit user wondered why we are on earth

Besides experiencing dread and fear, the encounter made the Redditor question the purpose of life. He inquired whether other Reddit users had comparable experiences that triggered introspection and deep philosophical ruminations.

“[I experienced] feelings of littleness, thoughts and wonders of why were here on earth, what is the point of living, and what are we as humans,” the witness wrote.

He admitted that his feelings and thoughts seemed “crazy.”

Reactions on Reddit

Many members of the Reddit forum responded sympathetically. Some said they had experienced encounters that triggered similar feelings.

One user said they would also feel the same way but not necessarily in terms of “littleness or [wondering about] the purpose of life.”

A second person said that encounters that remind humans how powerless they are sometimes trigger fear, introspection, or “ontological shock” because we are “so used to being at the top of the food chain.”

A third person said they had a similar experience in college.

“I also felt excitement and wonder–fortunately for me the excitement and wonder outweighed the small and insignificant,” the user wrote.

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