Mysterious UFO swarm sparked excited chatter on Chinese social media

UFOs allegedly swarmed over a Chinese city. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus/AI-generated

Footage purportedly showing a swarm of UFOs over a city recently went viral on Chinese social media (see video below).

Residents of Deyang in Sichuan Province reported sighting a mysterious swarm of point sources of light over the city. The sighting sparked concern amid speculation of extraterrestrial activity.

In a separate development, a pilot reported encountering a “gigantic” UFO “twice the size of a city” while flying at night over the state of Querétaro in Central Mexico.

He claimed that he and his flight captain watched the UFO fly toward the Gulf of Mexico.

UFO swarm hovered in the night sky

The Sun reported that footage uploaded to the Chinese social media platform Douyin showed the swarm of luminous objects flying over the city. The lights swarmed toward the full moon and circled it.

It was difficult to judge from the video how high above the city the objects were, but viewers can see them swarming above the tallest buildings.

UFO “dragon gliding across the sky”

The clip also showed a separate formation of lights organized in a train moving across the sky. Some witnesses compared the train to a “dragon gliding across the sky.”

According to the Sun, the train stretched over a wide span of the sky.

The first formation circling the moon soon began uncoiling and flowing into the train. The train lingered for several minutes before gradually fading away.

Alien invasion fears

The strange portent sparked a debate on Douyin. Debaters did not reach a consensus on what the lights were.

Some thought they were a swarm of insects, while others suggested they could be airborne debris from an explosion or seismic activity nearby.

However, UFO conspiracy theorists joined the raging debate. They raised the alarm that the lights could be of extraterrestrial origin and that the appearance could mark the start of an alien invasion.

“Misty ball of light” over Beijing

The latest allegation of UFO activity over China comes after Paranormal Papers reported that a “misty ball of light” over Beijing caused a stir on Chinese social media.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), tens of thousands of people in Beijing, Tianjin, and adjoining provinces reported the sighting on Weibo in January.

While many described it as a “misty ball of light,” others said it was “a moving cloud-like object.”

However, an astronomer told SCMP that it was likely SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base.

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