Merlin’s wand was alien acoustic levitation device, theorists make sensational claim

Ancient alien theorists believe Merlin’s wand was an alien tech device. Pic credit: History/YouTube

In an episode of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, ancient astronaut theorists claimed local legends about Stonehenge suggest that Merlin the Wizard and other ancient “magicians” were people who gained access to alien technology.

According to theorists, Merlin may have possessed an acoustic levitation alien tech device he used to lift the stone blocks used in constructing colossal stone structures (scroll down to view video).

But primitive humans mistook the technological device for a magic wand.

Alien civilization theorists admit the suggestion that Merlin’s wad was an alien tech device seems fanciful. However, a detailed exploration of the evidence could shed light on questions about the mystery surrounding the construction of ancient megalithic structures.

How did ancient humans with primitive technology achieve engineering feats such as Stonehenge and the pyramids of Ancient Egypt?

Megalithic structures remain a mystery

Experts are baffled about how our ancient ancestors moved massive stone blocks to megalith sites.

They proposed multiple theories to explain how ancient humans with primitive technology moved millions of tons of stone blocks to construction sites. They also speculated about how they hoisted them into place without modern heavy-duty cranes.

The structures consist of limestone, granite, and basalt blocks weighing hundreds of tons. For instance, some of the famous Baalbek Stones in Lebanon weighed over a thousand tons.

Experts can’t agree on how our ancestors achieved engineering feats that even modern-day civil engineers with advanced technology find challenging.

Theorists proposed that our inability to explain how they built the colossal stone structures with the technology they had proves they did not work unaided.

The ancients who built gigantic stone structures such as the ancient Egyptian and Mayan pyramids must have received help from technologically advanced alien partners.

[Note: Start video at 9:45]

Legends claim Cyclopean giants moved the stones

Greek legend claims one-eyed giants known as the Cyclops built the massive stone fortresses in Mycenae (Southern Greece).

The fortress walls, dating back to the second millennium BCE, consisted of tons of massive limestone boulders fitted snugly together without using mortar to bind them.

Experts term the engineering and architectural style of the Mycenaean fortress Cyclopean stone masonry after the Greek legend of the race of giants.

Greeks who lived centuries later had no idea how humans could have transported the massive stone blocks and lifted them into place. So, they concluded that supernatural beings or giants with superhuman strength built them.

Acoustic levitation: Did ancients have access to alien tech?

However, theorists believe it wasn’t mythical giant creatures with superhuman strength who built the structures. Ancient humans might have had access to alien technology, such as acoustic levitation.

Some researchers believe the only logical explanation for the ancient colossal structures is that extraterrestrial helpers gave our ancestors access to advanced technologies such as anti-gravity and acoustic levitation.

Many ancient alien theorists favor the acoustic levitation hypothesis because modern research proves it is feasible. Researchers have demonstrated in principle how high-intensity sound waves can generate forces that counter gravity and lift heavy objects.

Was Merlin’s wand an acoustic levitation device?

According to ancient alien civilization theorists, legends offer clues that our ancestors might have gained access to alien technologies that helped them build colossal stone structures beyond their capabilities.

Stories about the magical abilities of ancient wizards, such as Merlin, suggest they obtained advanced tech devices from unknown sources.

According to ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos, old legends about how the ancients built Stonehenge suggest Merlin’s wand was an acoustic device.

The wizard pointed the rod-shaped device at huge boulders and made them levitate into position.

His contemporaries mistook the device for a magic wand.

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