Man claims to have had frozen bigfoot in his family’s freezer since 1953

Peter Caine and bigfoot head
Peter Caine and the bigfoot head he says his family have had in their freezer since 1953

A man claims to have had an entire bigfoot frozen in his family’s freezer since 1953.

Peter Caine released a video showing what he said was the head of the sasquatch, which he claimed was shot by his father 64 years ago.

The hair-covered creature was then reportedly cut up into pieces so it could be transported away from the swamp in which it was found.

In the video, posted on YouTube, Caine shows viewers the head — which he said weighs around 120lb — while standing next to it for a size comparison. He then zooms in on various parts including the eye sockets to provide a close-up.

He said that the head and other body parts had been kept in a commercial freezer ever since it was first caught, and it had been a costly exercise to keep it frozen for that many decades.

But he added: “It’s in pretty good shape considering that it’s been frozen for 65 years.”

Caine also told how the bigfoot tore his family apart, because his mother didn’t agree with keeping it in the freezer.

He said: “It broke my parents up. My dad brought the head in on a platter during Thanksgiving, and it ruined Thanksgiving and just kind of destroyed my parents’ marriage.

“My mom was grossed out by out. She didn’t want to look at it — she said it looked too human-like. She thought it was macabre.”

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