Buzz Aldrin ‘was telling truth’ about seeing UFO on way to moon

Buzz Aldrin was telling the truth when he said he saw a UFO on the way to the moon, reports claim. Lie-detector tests based on voice patterns are said to have shown that claims by him and three other astronauts of unexplained sightings were genuine. The tests were reportedly carried out by the Institute of … Read more

Chad Lindberg’s BADASS Celebrity Ghost Hunt debuts with Chip Coffey as guest

New live-streaming show Chad Lindberg’s BADASS Celebrity Ghost Hunt premieres this weekend — with psychic Chip Coffey as the special guest. Lindberg, famous for roles in everything from The Fast and the Furious to Sons of Anarchy and Supernatural, has been a paranormal investigator for several years now and previously featured on Destination America’s Ghost Stalkers. … Read more

Nick Groff on the ‘God Helmet’ and Paranormal Lockdown Season 3

Nick Groff has given fans the latest on Paranormal Lockdown Season 3 — and revealed how a highlight of the season features the so-called God Helmet. The new season of Nick and co-host Katrina Weidman’s new season was officially announced towards the end of last year, with the pair revealing it was set to debut in … Read more

Cryptid Con 2018 tickets go on sale including bigfoot-hunting expedition

Tickets for Cryptid Con 2018 have gone on sale — including the chance to take part in a group bigfoot-hunting expedition. The convention will take place on September 8 and 9 next year at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort, Kentucky — with the bigfoot expedition taking place in a remote off-site location known for regular sasquatch … Read more

Nasa reveals spooky sounds from across the solar system for Halloween

Nasa has revealed a playlist of some of the spookiest sounds it has picked up from across the solar system. The sounds are all picked up as radio emissions using specialist technology fitted to spacecraft, which are then beamed back to earth and converted to sound waves. The results are seriously spooky, and include the … Read more

Haunted magazine issue guest-edited by Nick Groff becomes most popular ever

An issue of Haunted magazine guest-edited by Nick Groff has become its most-read edition ever! The free paranormal publication’s 18th issue soared above all previous editions in terms of downloads thanks to Paranormal Lockdown star Nick taking on the editorial role. Editor Paul Stevenson tweeted about the success of the issue — which also includes … Read more