Flight attendant filmed pink UFO from Poland-bound airplane

A flight attendant filmed a pink UFO during a flight from the UK to Poland. Pic credit: via New York Post/YouTube

An airline attendant shared stunning footage supposedly showing a pink UFO passing close to their airplane during a flight from Luton (England) to Szymany (Poland).

Wiz Air flight attendant Denisa Tanase looked out the window during and flight and thought the view at cruising altitude was beautiful. She took out her cell phone and filmed for a few minutes but did not immediately review the clip.

While reviewing it later, the 36-year-old noticed a strange pink object and reckoned it was a UFO.

The latest sighting comes after a defense contractor who worked with MQ-9 Reaper drone maker General Atomics reported filming a mysterious “black tinted ball” UFO hovering over an airfield in San Bernadino County, California.

Pink UFO left pilots baffled

Tanase, a mother of two from Corby, Northamptonshire, said she has worked as a flight attendant for about a year and spent time watching the skies through the airplane window.

According to the New York Post, she had never seen anything like it.

Tanase did not see it while looking out the airplane window. She also did not notice it while filming. She saw it for the first time while reviewing the video about 20 minutes later.

Puzzled, she consulted the pilots. She asked them whether they noticed anything unusual during the fight, but they said no.

However, they were baffled when she showed them the video. They were veteran pilots but had no idea what it was.

“Circle” UFO had a”flashing pink” color

Tanase said it had a “weird shape.” She described it as resembling a “circle flashing pink.”

She and the pilots reviewed the video multiple times. She recalled they first thought it could be the reflection of her pink uniform.

However, they realized they were wrong because the video showed the pink shape flying through the air even when Tanase was not moving.

Was it an alien craft?

She was not sure whether her video offered evidence of alien life. She wasn’t sure the footage showed an alien UFO for something else.

But she was pleased that she captured the evidence on camera.

She’s been skeptical about other UFO videos on the internet, but her experience made her a believer.

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