Bigfoot believer finds giant footprints with a 5-foot stride in Northwest woods

Bigfoot footpring in Northwest woodland. Pic credit: Crystal via Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Photos, Videos & Sightings/Facebook

A Bigfoot enthusiast reported encountering massive footprints spaced 5 feet apart in a remote wooded area of the Pacific Northwest.

Crystal shared photos of the footprints on the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Photos, Videos & Sightings Facebook group.

Many enthusiasts hailed the startling photos as the latest proof that populations of the elusive Sasquatch continue to thrive in the remote woodland areas of America.

Crystal and her husband were fishing when they found Bigfoot tracks

Crystal said she, her husband, and a friend went fishing “up in the mountains” in the northwest country.

While fishing, they found footprints on the soft ground. The four footprints with toes and heels were left by a bipedal creature walking with long strides. The strides were much longer than those of an average grown man.

The creature came from the water and walked up the banks into the forest.

Bigfoot walked out of the water into the forest, leaving track

She shared three photos of footprints sunk in boggy waterlogged ground.

To get an idea of how large the footprints were, one of the men placed a hand next to one of the footprints embedded in the mud.

She explained that the distance apart of the footprints indicated a stride of 4.5 feet-5 feet.

She assured her audience that her husband was an experienced outdoor man who had hunted everything from deer to bear and was familiar with animal footprints.

The men agreed that the creature emerged from the water and walked straight into the forest. It was a dense forest, spreading hundreds of miles with no roads leading in or out. It seemed strange that a human would walk into the forest and disappear.

Crystal explained that the forest is very dense, impenetrable, and remote. You can only travel through it by kayak or non-motorized boat.

“So why footprints would lead into nothingness is a little strange as well,” she wrote.

It wouldn’t be strange if one assumed that a wild bipedal humanoid creature living in the remote forests decided to go back home after a swim.

Crystal is a believer, but her husband isn’t

Crystal is a Bigfoot believer, but her husband isn’t.

Although he was a Bigfoot skeptic, the footprints seemed convincing evidence, and he took pictures.

Believers react on Facebook

Many Facebook users found the images convincing. They believed Crystal and her husband might have found proof of a Bigfoot creature resident in the Northwest forests.

Some used the opportunity to share testimonies.

One person claimed they had seen similar footprints with long strides in the woods. They believed only a Bigfoot could explain the size of the prints and the length of the strides.

Another commented that he was about 6 feet 2 inches tall, and his average stride was 2.5 feet.

That gives an idea of how tall and big a bipedal creature with a 5-foot stride would be.

Skeptics also reacted

The Facebook skeptics also had their say.
Some skeptics thought they were simply humans squelching in the mud in rubber boots.

However, others dismissed the suggestion, saying that some had toes. The toes seemed to rule out the suggestion that they were bootprints.

Another argued that even if the prints were not Bigfoot prints, they were still large enough to raise questions about the nature of the creature that made them.

The depth of the prints also indicated that the creature was big and heavy.

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