Las Vegas family stand by claim they saw 10-foot alien in their backyard

The Las Vegas family drew pictures of the alleged 10-foot-tall aliens in their backyard. Pic credit: YouTube/Inside Edition

The Las Vegas family that reported 8-10 feet tall alien creatures hiding in their backyard stand by their claims. The family shared their terrifying experience in a recent interview with Inside Edition (see video below).

Sixteen-year-old Angel Kenmore, the family member who called 911, shared details of what he saw.

Angel called 911 at about 12:25 a.m. on May 1, saying a UFO crashed in their backyard.

10 feet tall green-skinned alien hiding in the backyard

After the UFO allegedly crashed, they saw a green-skinned humanoid, about 8-10 feet tall, hiding behind a forklift in their yard.

Angel claimed the strange creature had spindly limbs, long arms, legs, and big staring eyes.

“They are 100% not human,” Angel reportedly told the operator.

Angel and his family stand by their claims

The family was still shocked about the incident four months after it happened. They repeated the claims they made four months ago when Inside Edition questioned them.

Angel was in the backyard around midnight with another family member. He was working on his truck when he saw light streaking across the sky.

Then he heard a loud explosion and felt the aftershock of an impact.

Moments later, he saw two strange-looking creatures. The family believed they were non-human alien creatures.

The encounter left the teenager paralyzed with fear. He frantically called 911 for help.

However, the responding officers who rushed to the scene and searched the yard found no evidence of a crashed UFO or aliens in the yard.

Angel and his family sketched pictures of the alleged aliens

Other family members, including Angel’s father, Bobby, and his brother, Joshua, backed his story. They insisted they were not making things up.

They said the creatures were not human but tall alien beings with greenish-grey skins.

They drew pictures of what they thought they saw. The sketches showed a tall, thin humanoid creature (see video above) with long arms, large eyes, and prominent teeth.

Surveillance cameras in the neighborhood captured the moment of the impact shock. Las Vegas Metro Police bodycam footage also recorded a flash of green light streaking across the sky shortly before Angel called 911.

However, Paranormal Papers reported that NASA scientists said the light was a meteorite, not a UFO.

The experts said the object could not have landed in the Las Vegas backyard because it was far away from the city when people saw it.

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