Arizona Bigfoot hunter allegedly found footprints nearly twice his shoe size

Arizona man allegedly found Sasquatch footprint in Sedona. Pic credit: Kent Attwood/via Bigfoot Believers Facebook

A Bigfoot hunter claimed to have stumbled upon oversized footprints in Arizona. He believes that only a Bigfoot could have left tracks allegedly nearly twice the size of an average human male’s shoe size.

However, some Facebook users suggested that Sasquatch enthusiast Kent Attwood may have stumbled upon tracks left by a basketball player.

Footprints estimated at nearly 20 inches long

Attwood took to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page on October 24 to share photos he allegedly found in Sedona, Arizona, a few years ago. The photos show oversized humanoid footprints in the sand (see below).

In one photo, an adult male, presumably Attwood, placed a foot next to the print. In another, he placed his foot on the print.

The alleged Sasquatch footprints were much bigger than human feet. They were nearly twice the size of the adult foot placed next to them. Some viewers estimated the length of the massive prints as a little less than 20 inches.

Attwood also found tracks. He claimed that the stride of the suspected Bigfoot was much longer than he could “stretch [his] legs.”

“My stride stretching as far as I could didn’t even get close from one track to the next,” he wrote. “I didn’t have a tape measure with me.”

Alleged Bigfoot print in Arizona. Pic credit: Kent Attwood/via Bigfoot Believers Facebook

Bigfoot or basketball player’s footprints?

Bigfoot enthusiasts debated the puzzling discovery on Facebook. Many enthusiasts said they believed they were Bigfoot prints.

“I totally believe this,” a believer wrote. “Saw the same thing, except in the snow, when I was a young man out deer hunting in the High Uintahs in Utah.”

“I have found the real deal four times,” a second believer responded. “That sure looks like the real thing to me. Good find, my friend!”

Some proposed it was a human with big feet, possibly a basketball player.

“That’s a big-footed man. Holy lord,” a Facebook user commented. “He must be a basketball player for sure.”

Some skeptics pointed to what they believed were anomalies.

“Why does it appear the big toes are on the wrong side of the foot and the stride seems to be very narrow as well,” one person asked after observing the photo showing two footprints several inches apart.

But another person disagreed that the stride was too narrow.

“The stride is not narrow. That is exactly how they [Bigfoot] walk.” a Sasquatch hunter said. “Those look exactly like the one I have found, up to 17 inches long.”

Footprints the size of Shaq’s feet

The latest alleged Sasquatch find comes after Bigfoot hunter Jason Kenzie reported finding humanoid footprints in the forest of Wales. He also reported discovering a primitive shelter near the footprints.

Sasquatch enthusiasts believed it suggested that a Sasquatch was roaming the forests around Caerphilly in South Wales. Some enthusiasts compared the footprints, reportedly measuring about 16 inches, with the size of superstar basketball player Shaquille O’Neal’s feet.

Shaq is 7-foot-1-inch and reportedly wears size 22 shoes (nearly 15 inches ) shoes.

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