Another UFO over Las Vegas: Light beams in the sky spark speculation

UFOs or the crescent moon above Las Vegas, orange cigar-shaped lights obscured by clouds in the sky
UFO lights over Las Vegas sparked social media speculation. Pic credit: Twitter/Big7 Media

Las Vegas residents reported another UFO sighting over the city. A video of the sighting, which surfaced on social media last week, shows mysterious lights in the sky over the city.

The sighting reportedly occurred after dark at about 10:30 p.m. and lasted several minutes.

The latest sighting comes only weeks after a family reported they saw 8-10 feet tall aliens hiding in their backyard after a UFO crashed there.

Strange lights over Las Vegas

The video (see below) shows a light beam over the city in the night sky. After some seconds, another light appears at the bottom left of the first light. It is faint at first but gradually increases in brightness.

The first light appears as a bright spot. It grows vertically downward until it looks like a short or stubby light beam. The second light looks like a horizontal beam. It gets brighter as it extends to the right toward the left base of the vertical one.

But the two beams do not touch. Instead, they orient at an angle. The horizontal beam gets brighter until it looks stubbier than the vertical one.

Puzzled UFO witnesses

We hear two witnesses talking as the two lights play over the city. One is a male voice, and the other is female.

“There’s something on the bottom of [the first one],” the female voice says.

“There’s two of them, I can see two of them,” the male answers.

They have no idea what caused the lights and can only wonder aloud.

“That’s strange,” the female says wonderingly.

“What’s that?” the male inquires.

The UFO sparked speculation on social media

Many residents of Las Vegas saw the lights and took to social media to debate what caused them.

One Twitter user who lives on the north side of the town said they saw it. The user noticed the lights hovered in the sky for many minutes.

They described the alleged UFO as an orange glow similar to an orb and suggested it was a helicopter.

Another user wondered why there were so many strange sightings lately, but others joked about it.

One person joked that aliens have become addicted to gambling at Las Vegas casinos. A second person said they won’t take the sightings seriously until they see military jets streaking overhead to engage the UFOs.

“It is the crescent moon behind the clouds”

Some social media users thought the lights were due to the distortion of natural-occurring bodies in the sky.

“It’s a crescent moon behind clouds. That’s where the moon would’ve been two nights ago,” a user suggested.

“It’s the moon behind the clouds,” a second person agreed.

“That’s crescent moon from a couple of days ago,” a third person commented. “We saw the same moon, but didn’t have the same cloud partially obscuring it though.”

Some people added that one of the two lights might be the planet Venus beside the crescent moon.

A Las Vegas family reported green aliens in their backyard

The latest alleged UFO sighting comes after a Las Vegas family claimed a UFO crashed in their backyard.

The family called 911 on May 1 and claimed that after the alleged crash, they saw a skinny, 8-10 feet tall green alien with big staring eyes hiding in their backyard (see video below for an eyewitness account of the incident).

Paranormal Papers reported that Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers investigated the claim after bodycams captured a green light streaking across the night sky.

Surveillance cameras also recorded a loud bang and an aftershock.

However, responding officers said they found no evidence of a crashed UFO or aliens in the backyard.

NASA said the green light was a meteor

NASA has since reacted to the claims that the green light seen streaking across the sky over Las Vegas was an alien UFO.

According to Vice, Lindley Johnson, a NASA spokesperson, said the green light was a bright meteor and not a UFO.

Johnson also denied claims that the object landed in a backyard. He said it was less than one meter across and passed high in the sky. It was already miles away from Las Vegas when residents saw it.

Multiple media sources reported that people saw the bright light in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

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