7-foot-tall ‘face-peeling’ cryptids terrorize Peruvian villagers

7-foot-tall face-peeling cryptids allegedly attacked villagers in a remote community in northern Peru. Pic credit: Pixabay

Seven-foot-tall “face-peeling” cryptids allegedly terrorized residents of a remote region of Peru in the Amazonian forest.

Peruvian police and military said they were investigating the strange reports from Ikitu tribal communities in Alto Nanay.

Alto Nanay is one of the rural districts in the Maynas Province of Loreto, northeastern Peru.

Loreto is a remote region in the Amazonian rainforest bordering Brazil, Columbia, and Ecuador. It is the most sparsely populated region, with its capital in Iquito.

Los Pelacaras feed on human face

The disturbing reports claimed mysterious cryptids called Los Pelacaras (face-peelers) attacked the villagers.

In Peruvian folklore, Los Pelacaras are cryptids that feed on flesh peeled from human faces. They also feast on human organs and body fat.

There have been multiple eyewitness accounts of the alleged attacks. Photos from the besieged communities published in Peruvian news show villagers with bandaged faces and heads receiving help.

Face-peeling cryptid is a 7-foot-tall hooded monster

The eyewitnesses described the mysterious face-peeling cryptid as a 7-foot-tall monster.

One eyewitness who claimed they had a close encounter with the creature said it hid its face behind a dark hood. But they saw its floating body and arms.

The eyewitness did not say how many arms the creature had, but it moved them.

Face peelers have yellowish eyes and long heads

But other accounts suggested the alleged creature’s face was visible.

According to one eyewitness, the face-peeling monster had a long head with yellowish eyes. Another claimed they wore shoes that helped them float.

Community leader Jairo Reátegui Dávila told Latina Noticias that the monsters seemed to have a hardened exoskeleton or body armor that made them invulnerable to firearms.

“I shot one of them twice and he wasn’t injured, [but] he rose and disappeared,” Davila said.

A face peeler attacked a teenage girl

A 15-year-old girl barely escaped with her life when a face peeler attacked her.

According to Davila, the monster slashed the girl’s neck, but she was taken to the hospital and survived.

Panic gripped the villagers

Fear gripped the community after news of the incident involving the teenage girl spread.

People stopped going into the forest. Villagers also couldn’t sleep at night due to fear of unexpected attacks.

They organized vigilantes who patrol at night.

Peru’s northern communities are remote

The remoteness of the communities was the main challenge for responders.

A speed boat journey from the regional capital of Iquitos to the community takes about 10 hours. However, the panicked people said they needed help.

But officials were baffled by the accounts because they could not identify species native to the region that may have been responsible for the alleged attacks.

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