Bigfoot attacked my motorhome when I forgot to leave apples outside, woman claims


Bigfoot whacked a woman’s motorhome when she forgot to leave apples outside. Pic credit: Pixabay

A woman alleged that Bigfoot creatures sometimes got angry and attacked her motorhome when she forgot to leave apples outside for them.

Carlo, 71, who lives in a “Class C motorhome” parked next to a “wildlife habit” in the Roy, McKenna, Pierce County, Washington, took to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page on Sunday, August 13, to share her bizarre encounters with alleged Bigfoot neighbors.

She also shared the photo of a Bigfoot footprint near her motorhome and the damage the alleged creature inflicted on her property (scroll down to see the image).

Carlo described her first Bigfoot encounter

She claimed that her bizarre encounters with Bigfoot started one day while unloading groceries from her automobile. She left a crate of apples outside while she carried two grocery bags into her motorhome. She let her dog Jiggy out of the house when she opened the door and took the grocery inside.

But soon after she closed the door, she heard the dog struggling frantically to enter. After she went to the door and let the dog in, she saw a big, hairy, and reddish-brown humanoid creature outside.

The creature was much bigger than a bear. It bent over to take apples from the crate outside.

It looked up the moment Carlo saw it. Both froze as they stared, unsure what to do next.

Bigfoot was about 7-8 feet tall

Carlo was scared. Being old and incontinent, she lost control of her bladder and began wetting herself. The creature put an apple in its mouth and dropped the others. It stood up to a height of about 7-8 feet.

Still scared, she began retreating into her motorhome while talking to calm and reassure it.

“Good boy, dats a gooood boy. Just eat those apples,” she said. “It’s OK sweety.”

She locked the door as soon as she got inside.

Bigfoot attacked her motorhome

Once safely inside her motorhome, she peeked through the window.

She saw the monster walking towards her door. Unfortunately, she could not film the encounter because she left her cell phone on the charging cord in her automobile, a PT Cruiser.

The creature appeared annoyed that Carlo interrupted his apple feast. When it reached the door, it began pushing against the glass until the screws started coming off the plastic trimmings along the edges.

She resumed talking to calm the creature.

“Good Boy, Go get some apples,” she said.

But the seemingly upset creature did not relent. It went to the back of the motorhome and began ripping off the backend panel along the seam to the roof.

Carlo began leaving apples outside for the Bigfoot and its friends

The creature left soon after without any other incident. But it returned with its friends, hoping to find more apples outside.

According to Carlo, to prevent further attacks against her motorhome, she made it a habit to leave apples outside, hoping to calm them down.

The stratagem appeared to work. The creatures would eat the apples usually without attacking the house. But whenever she forgot to leave apples, they would hit the body of her motorhome.

She said the creatures were more likely to come to her motorhome in the offseason when fruits were scarce.

She learned her neighbors also had Sasquatch problems

Carlo talked about her experience with neighbors and soon learned she was not the only one in the area with Sasquatch problems.

A neighbor, Jane, admitted she was also feeding Sasquatch with Apples.

A second neighbor, DJ, a former Department of the Interior employee, who owned a 300-acre ranch, said Sasquatch regularly visited their property.

Don’t threaten Sasquatch, Carlo advised

Carlo concluded that she knew that people wouldn’t believe her story. But regardless of what skeptics might think, she didn’t see her Bigfoot neighbors as a threat.

Her motorhome was parked close to a vast expanse of wooded area, and she has had elk and occasional bears coming to her property, so Sasquatchs were welcome to join the party.

She advised others in her situation:

“Just remember don’t threaten them as they seem to sense your intentions,” she concluded.

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