‘Rediscovered’ Nessie images are a ‘game-changer,’ researchers claim

Loch Ness Monster researchers say that a rediscovered set of Nessie photos is a game-changer. Pic credit: John Thomas Didymus

Loch Ness Monster enthusiasts can’t contain their excitement over a “rediscovered” set of Nessie photos. The photos, taken in late 2018, went missing but were recently recovered (see the photos in the YouTube video embedded below) .

Enthusiasts have hailed them as compelling evidence of the elusive lake monster and “game-changers” in Nessie research.

The latest claimed evidence of a monster in Loch Ness comes after Paranormal Papers reported that experts declared Paul Freeman’s famous 1992 Bigfoot footage a genuine piece of Sasquatch evidence.

A Nessie researcher also claimed that the Loch Ness Monster was not the only water-dwelling cryptid native to the British Isles. According to researcher Andy McGrath, many monsters resembling Nessie live in British inland and coastal waters.

Proof of Loch Ness Monster?

The Cryptid Factor podcast run by cryptozoology enthusiasts Rhys Darby, Dan Schreiber, and Leon “Buttons” Kirkbeck, shared the sequence of 71 photos taken on a high-resolution camera by a witness identified as Chie Kelly.

They assembled the images into a sequence that purportedly documents a rare sighting of Nessie in her native lake habitat in the Scottish Highlands.

It appeared to show a massive creature surfacing in the calm waters of Loch Ness (see video below).

[Note: See excerpts from the video in the YouTube below; View the full video plus interview with Chie Kelly here on SoundCloud.]

Chie Kelly captured Nessie images in 2018

Chie Kelly was walking in the company of her partner, Scott, on the shores of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands in 2018 when they both noticed odd movements in the water.

She realized something unusual was happening and immediately went to work with her camera. She snapped more than 70 photos in a quick sequence. But in the excitement following the rare captures, she accidentally deleted many.

However, she saved some but didn’t share them until recently.

The Daily Record reported that she shared the photos after contacting Steve Feltham, a veteran monster hunter and Nessie expert. Through Feltham, Chie shared the images with the media.

However, Nessie experts realized they needed to see all the images to learn more about the creature it showed. They expected the complete set to show the movement and form of the creature and help analysts determine whether it was Nessie or some other known marine creature.

Subsequent investigation led to the discovery that Chie hadn’t permanently deleted the photos as she thought. Feltham recovered them and contacted The Cryptid Factor’s Leon ‘Buttons” Kirkbeck, who helped assemble them into a video.

Nessie video is a “game-changer”

Buttons used time stamps on the photos to assemble the video. The resulting stunning footage seemed to show a massive creature swimming in the loch in an undulating motion. It shows the creature submerging and emerging multiple times as it swam along.

Feltham said the footage fulfilled expectations. He praised the quality as “second to none” in sharpness and focus. In his opinion, it convincingly showed Nessie in her elements.

The Cryptid Factor hosts agreed, saying that the new video was a “game-changer” because it shows Nessie in sharper focus than previous ones.

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