Mysterious white ‘disc-shaped’ UFO video-bombed NBC report

A UFO flew through the clouds during an NBC report. Pic credit: NBC News /YouTube

A white “disc-shaped” UFO video-bombed an NBC News report about a Navajo community crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic (see video below).

The incident happened in August 2020. It gained renewed attention recently after KFI AM 640, a radio station in Los Angeles, rediscovered the video and reported about it.

White “disc-shaped” UFO passed through the clouds at a high speed

In August 2020, NBC’s Cynthia McFadden was reporting on a water supply crisis affecting residents of a Navajo reservation in Arizona during the coronavirus pandemic.

The plight of the COVID-ravaged community caught national news media attention after investigators discovered that more than 30 percent of homes on the reservation had no running water.

Near the end of the report (2:47), the video shows Navajo people singing, playing instruments, and dancing. But in the background, viewers who paid attention noticed a strange white object that emerged from the clouds.

The object was visible against the background of the bright blue sky. It flew at a high speed and disappeared again into thick clouds.

Reations on YouTube

The UFO seemed to have gone unnoticed in the original reporting.

Most YouTube users who reacted with comments to the video of the news report uploaded to NBC’s YouTube channel appeared not to have noticed the UFO.

However, some noticed it.

“Anyone else notice the UFO?” one YouTube user asked.

“The UFO/spirit at the end is almost poetic after listening to this tragic yes cautiously hopeful story,” a second reacted.

“Great job capturing the UFO on film,” a third YouTube user remarked.

Some joked about it:

“Very likely a basic Galactic Federation of Light or perhaps Andromeda Council (direct ancestral ties to many Native Nations) scout ship,” another joked.

Skeptics also reacted

People offered suggestions about what the UFO likely was.

KFI AM 640 admitted that it could have been a plane but argued that its speed was unusual for a regular aircraft.

Although many YouTubers were skeptical, they admitted that it was technically a UFO because no one could identify it.

One person suggested it was only a lens flare. Others said no one could guess what it was because it was too blurry.

“I wouldn’t believe anything in this digital world unless it flew over my head,” one skeptic said.

But a believer protested, saying skeptics shouldn’t be surprised that the object was blurry. The photographer wasn’t expecting a UFO video-bombing the shoot, they did not have the time to adjust their camera lens to focus on it.

“Everything near field is in focus. Things in the background are not in sharp focus due to the camera lens aperture and shutter speed settings,” the user argued. “That’s not unusual considering the camera op was not expecting a UFO to photo bomb his or her shoot in the distance.”

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