Luminous UFO filmed amid thunderstorm over Nayarit, Mexico

A witness recently filmed a alleged luminous UFO over Nayarit, Mexico. Pic credit: via @jaimemaussan1/X

An alleged luminous UFO filmed flying below dark clouds during stormy weather over the West-Central State of Nayarit sparked a debate on social media.

Footage uploaded to X social media platform on Sunday (August 13), shows the alleged UFO appearing as a bright spot streaking at a high speed across the sky amid powerful bursts of electrical activity.

The witness was at a resort or hotel in Nayarit when the storm broke out. They decided to capture the force of nature unleashed in hyper-lapse video and did not expect they would witness anything other than a violent squall.

Luminous UFO sighted amid lightning storm

The hyper-lapse video shows a thunderstorm gathering over the coast of Nayarit from the sea. We see lightning flashes repeatedly illuminating the dark cloudy skies.

As a gale gathers strength, a luminous object appears on the right side of the frame. It flies across from the right to the left.

The object appeared to be flying at a low altitude below the clouds. It also seemed to be losing altitude as if it was landing or crashing to Earth.

Debate on social media

Some social media users who saw the video argued that the object was not a real UFO but an artifact of the camera lens.

However, UFO believers insisted that it was a genuine UFO. They supported their claim by pointing to the reflection along the shoreline as it crossed the sky.

The reflection, they argued, proved that the luminous object was not an artifact of the camera lens but a UFO flying across the frame.

Alleged UFO might have been an airliner

But other skeptics pointed out that the witness likely filmed the UFO close to the Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Jalisco is a neighboring Mexican state to the south of Nayarit.

Skeptics argued that commercial jets preparing to land fly low across the sky because the hotel or resort is near the airport.

Skeptics also noted that because the video is a hyper-lapse, a commercial jet flying at high speed could generate an optical effect resembling a streak of bright light traversing the sky.

“It’s a plane landing. It looks like this because of the hyperlapse,” one social media user commented. “They took it from this building, see the shape of the pool and the palm trees, and in that direction is the Puerto Vallarta airport, that’s why it goes down.”

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