North Texas residents reported lights in the sky Sunday night

Strange lights appeared over North Texas on Sunday night. Pic credit: via WFAA/YouTube Residents of North Texas reported unusual lights in the sky on Sunday night. Many Texans shot videos of the lights moving across the night sky and shared them on social media. People viewed the images and debated what they were. Some thought … Read more

UFO lights sighted over Fresno on New Year’s Eve

UFO lights over Fresno on New Year’s Eve. Pic credit: via @KMPHFOX26/Twitter Residents of Fresno (California) reported UFO lights over the city on New Year’s Eve. The sighting occurred some minutes before midnight on January 1. A video shared online shows a group of Fresno residents at a house near Cedar and McKinley Avenues, KMPH … Read more

Strange rings of light over Milan sparked alien UFO fears

Residents of Milan took to social media to share photos and videos of strange lights over the city. Some speculated they were UFO lights. However, media sources said they were lights from lasers installed at a Christmas village in the city suburb.

Brit mom claimed she spotted UFO resembling Doctor Who’s TARDIS

A British mom claimed she spotted a mysterious UFO resembling the fictional TARDIS from the BBC’s Doctor Who TV series hovering over her home. Kay Thorpe, a resident of Middleton, a residential suburb of Leeds, England, said she first noticed the strange, shiny object over her house years ago.