Bigfoot hunters captured stunning Skunk Ape footage in Florida woods

Two Bigfoot hunters captured footage purportedly showing a Skunk Ape in Florida woods in 2012. Pic credit: via History/YouTube

Experts claim that one of several reasons Bigfoot is so elusive is that they are nocturnal creatures. Researchers speculate that they hunt at night because they want to avoid humans.

In an episode of The Proof Is Out There on History Channel, journalist Tony Harris shared a rare night vision camera video purportedly showing a strange bipedal creature snooping around in the woods under the cover of the darkness (scroll down to see video).

Bigfoot enthusiasts rank the stunning footage captured in Florida in 2012 by two Bigfoot hunters among the best evidence of Bigfoot ever.

Hunting Bigfoot in Florida

Researchers believe the creature that retired Army Ranger Stacy Brown, Sr. (deceased) and his son Stacy Brown Jr., captured on camera was a type of Bigfoot known as a Skunk Ape.

According to experts, the Skunk Ape is a variety of Bigfoot native to the subtropical forests of Florida.

Encounter with a Skunk Ape

Stacy Brown, Sr. and his son had a terrifying encounter with a humanoid cryptid while camping in Torreya State Park, near Quincy, Florida, in May 2012.

The father and son were hunting Bigfoot at night when they heard strange noises in the dark. The men readied their FLIR thermal cameras and moved cautiously toward the noise.

Stacy Brown Jr. told Harris that as they walked down a trail, they heard sounds like something scurrying through the forest in the dark. They heard the noise to their right. Later, it seemed to come from their left but stopped abruptly.

They stood in the forest, trying to figure out what was happening.

Was Bigfoot captured on camera?

Stacy Brown, Sr. noticed something near a tree ahead of them and started filming. It looked like a black object half-concealed behind a tree. The object moved from behind the tree and dashed across the space between the trees.

Brown realized something was stalking them. Alarmed, he alerted his son and urgently told him to retreat. Amid the confusion and urgency, the camera went dead.

The men ran back to their truck parked a short distance away. After resting and regaining their breath and composure, Brown Sr. looked at the recorder to see what the camera captured.

The video showed something resembling a heavyset humanoid dashing in between the trees. Harris noted that it resembled the creature from the famed Patterson-Gimlin footage captured in 1967 near Bluff Creek in the Six Rivers National Forest, Del Norte County, California.

Stacy Brown Jr.: Video was proof to me and dad

Stacy Brown Jr. told Harris the video convinced him and his dad that Bigfoot was real.

He recalled they captured the video about a mile and a half into the woods from where they parked their truck. They did not believe humans would run around deep in the woods at night without a flashlight.

Bigfoot researcher Steve Kulls told The Proof Is Out There that the Browns likely encountered a Skunk Ape. According to the researcher, Skunk Apes are a type of Bigfoot native to Florida.

Floridians call it Skunk Ape because of the unpleasant odor it gives off. They are identical to Sasquatch native to the Pacific Northwest but less robust.

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