Vatican’s openness to science could be sign they know about ETs, investigator claims

UFO investigator Ross Coulthart claimed that the Vatican’s openness to science could be a sign they know about extraterrestrial intelligence. Pic credit: NewsNation/YouTube

UFO investigator Ross Coulthart said that the Vatican is not responding to whistleblower David Grusch’s claim that they know about extraterrestrial intelligence because having to discuss the issue puts them in a “very difficult situation.”

Coulthart claimed that reliable intelligence sources assured him that Grusch’s allegations were true. But the Vatican cannot admit it without raising difficult issues. They also need US approval to talk openly about their past joint clandestine operations.

Coulthart suggested that the Vatican’s increasing openness to the scientific worldview could be a sign they know about extraterrestrial intelligence.

The latest news comes after Paranormal Papers reported that the Vatican did not respond to media inquiries about whistleblower claims that Pope Pius XII helped the US recover an alien spacecraft that crashed in Italy in 1933.

CIA and Vatican have a history of collaboration

According to Coulthart, the Vatican has a very effective intelligence service and a history of collaboration with the US.

There was close collaboration between the CIA and the Vatican intelligence services during and after World War II.

For instance, the Vatican helped the CIA support anti-Communist forces in Italy and the rest of Europe.

Thus, while they did not have official diplomatic relations until the 1980s, they always had well-established back-door contacts.

The US intelligence services have had high-level representation in the Vatican since the end of World War II.

Vatican opened Pope Pius XII’s pontificate archives

NewsNation’s Banfield asked whether the recent opening of archives relating to Pope Pius XII’s pontificate could lead to revelations about what the Vatican knows about aliens and UFOs.

And what if they remove the relevant records and documents in the archives?

Coulthart said he spoke with a researcher friend, Professor Diana Walsh Pasulka, one of few scholars granted privileged access to the secret archives.

The professor said that before scholars can access the archives, they go through an elaborate process to get approval. Even after scholars gain access, what they can see is at the discretion of the people who run the archives.

The scholar told Coulthart that the archives are massive. They run underground and consist of 53 miles of shelving.

The Church, science, religion, and UFOs

Coulhart noted that the Vatican has evolved its attitude toward science since they persecuted Galileo for saying the Sun and not the Earth was at the center of the solar system.

They learned from their mistake and now show more openness toward science, Coulthart said.

They held conferences on the possibility of extraterrestrial life in 2005 and 2009.

And in 2009, Reverend José Gabriel Funes, the head of the Vatican Observatory, said that believing that the universe hosts intelligent aliens did not contradict faith in God.

We are all God’s children, Reverend Funes said. We cannot rule out that life may have developed elsewhere. And just as we have intelligent beings on Earth, there could be intelligent beings on other planets.

The belief in extraterrestrial life does not contradict faith because we cannot restrict God’s creative freedom, Funes said.

Vatican’s openness could be due to what they know about aliens

Coulthart said that the Vatican is showing more openness to the scientific worldview. Much of what they do encompasses trying to prove that there is no contradiction between religious belief and good science.

They are not denying the existence of aliens but suggesting they could be our brothers in the universe of God’s creation.

They also held a conference on the theory of evolution that excluded the proponents of creative design. However, the faction within the Church hostile to the teaching of evolution remains influential.

Coulthart speculated that the openness to science could be inspired by what they know about extraterrestrial intelligence.

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