USAF pilots sighted UAPs in diamond formation over Gulf of Mexico, Congressman revealed

Representative Matt Gaetz reported that USAF pilots at Eglin Base reported UAP sighting over the Gulf of Mexico. Pic credit: PBS NewsHour/YouTube.

At the congressional hearing on UFOs on Wednesday (July 26), Representative Matt Gaetz shared details about a UAP sighting over the Gulf of Mexico.

He reported that pilots from Elgin AFB sighted four UAPs flying in a diamond-shaped formation over the Gulf of Mexico.

However, when Gaetz led a group of members of Congress, including Reps Tim Burchett and Anna Paulina Luna, to investigate, military officials at the Eglin AFB tried to prevent them from meeting with the flight crew and viewing the images they took.

Gaetz’s revelation comes after Paranormal Papers reported that Rep. Tim Burchett accused military officials at Elgin AFB of preventing him, Gaetz, and Anna Paulina Luna from seeing images and data relating to the incident.

Burchett said they also prevented them from attending a briefing, saying that he and Luna were not eligible to view the information.

Gaetz received protected disclosure about UAP over Gulf of Mexico

Gaetz said his office received a protected disclosure from Elgin AFB indicating a UAP incident over the Gulf of Mexico.

He invited Reps Tim Burchett of Tennessee and Anna Paulina Luna of Florida to travel to Flordia to investigate the alleged incident.

When they got to Eglin, they asked the military officials to allow them to meet and talk with the flight crew. They also asked to see evidence, such as radar, collected by the flight crew.

Gaetz claimed that the AFB officials initially refused to allow them to meet with all the flight crew. They also refused to let them view the radar and images.

But they later agreed.

UAP was not of “any human capability” Gaetz was aware of

Rep. Gaetz said that after viewing the images, he became convinced that the UAP did not represent any technology of human capability that he was aware the U.S. or any of its adversaries possessed.

He added that he was qualified to judge, having served on the Armed Services Committee for seven years.

While interviewing the crew, he asked why they did not take videos and why their flare system was not working.

They told him that they were only on a test mission over the Gulf of Mexico and had expected to have clear air space.

Pilots saw four UAPs in diamond-shaped formation

Despite their expectations of an uneventful test mission, the pilots encountered four UAPs flying in a diamond-shaped formation.

The formation appeared on radar, and Gaetz viewed the images taken.

A pilot who approached the formation said he saw a large, floating orb-like object that did not appear to have been a product of human technology.

Radar and flare system malfunctioned

As the aircraft approached the UAP formation, his aircraft’s radar suddenly shut down, and his flare system malfunctioned.

The pilot had to manually operate the imaging system due to the failure of the automated function.

David Fravor: UAPs disabled our aircraft capabilities

Gaetz asked Navy CDR. David Fravor (ret.) his experience with UAPs shutting down aircraft sensors.

Fravor said there was a long history of UAPs disabling the capabilities of USAF aircraft. He described the situation as disheartening and recalled that during his team’s famous Tic Tac UFO encounter in November 2004, the UAP disabled their aircraft’s radar.

He added that he was concerned about how UAPs operated and their ability to shutting down aircraft systems.

Gaetz also asked former Navy pilot Ryan Graves whether he had encountered a case similar to four UAPs moving in a single diamond-shaped formation.

Graves said he encountered a similar case related to the GIMBAL incident.

Although recordings on the aircraft’s flare system showed a single rotating object, the pilot reported seeing a fleet.

Pilots reporting UAPs put their careers in jeopardy

Graves also expressed frustration that pilots continued facing challenges and difficulties reporting UAP encounters.

The Congressman from Florida then revealed that the Elgin flight crew told him that many pilots who encountered UAPs did not talk about them due to the fear of jeopardizing their careers.

“It was stated explicitly to me by these test pilots that if you have a UAP experience, the best thing you can do for your career is forget it and not tell anyone because any type of reporting […] has perceived impact on your career,” Gaetz said. “That is a culture we must change.”

Gaetz asked Oversight subcommittee to subpoena data

Gaetz concluded his comments by urging the committee to meet with UFO whistleblower Grusch in a SCIF and get answers.

He also suggested that the committee subpoena images and data related to the Gulf of Mexico sighting in the custody of officials at Eglin AFB.

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