UFO over Fort Lauderdale Beach allegedly flew at supersonic speed

Carmen Rich of Boston, Massachusetts reportedly filmed a UFO flight at supersonic speed over Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida. Pic credit: Carmen Rich via Dogtooth Media/YouTube

A man filming storm clouds gathering over waters off the coast of Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida reportedly got a fright when he saw a mysterious UFO charging through the darkened skies.

Carmen Rich from Boston, Massachusetts, said he was scared out of his wits when he saw an object charging through the storm at tremendous speed (see video below).

According to Mirror, Rich estimated it flew through the storm at a blazing supersonic speed of about 2000mph.

A “ball of light” flashed across the sky

Rich, 29, said the UFO appeared as a “ball of light” flying at a tremendous speed.

He captured what he described as “incredible” footage of the UFO flying through stormy clouds on June 17 off the coast of Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida.

The UFO appeared briefly in the footage (see YouTube video below) and flashed past in the blink of an eye, allowing just enough time for the camera to capture it.

The footage shows Rich filming the dark blue stormy clouds over the ocean.

“Look behind you… insane,” Rich said to a companion while filming the storm.

The footage shows lightning flashing repeatedly behind the clouds.

“Wow, did you see that?” Rich shouted moments later in excitement. “Just shoot across… did anyone else see that?”

The video seemed to show a bright object shooting across the sky as lightning flashed. It is hard to see it because it shows only for a fraction of a second.

Anticipating skeptics who might believe it was an artifact of his camera lens, Rich said he saw it flying past with his own eyes and also captured it on video.

It looked much bigger in real life than on video. He also denied suggestions that it could be ball lightning. He looked up videos of ball lightning online, and what he saw did not look like it.

Rich added that he believed it was a UFO but couldn’t tell whether it was human or non-human.

Rich shared the video with bystanders

Rich excitedly asked bystanders whether they also saw it. But most people, including his 20-year-old companion, missed it.

Fortunately, the video captured it, and others saw it after he replayed the footage.

According to Rich, all you had to do to miss the alleged UFO was blink when it passed. He estimated it must have flown at a supersonic speed of about 2000mph.

He claimed that an airplane was visible in the frame when the alleged UFO passed and that he used the relative speeds to judge how fast it was flying.

UFO could be an alien spacecraft

Carmen said the sighting scared him because he believed it might have been an alien craft.

It flew faster than anything he’d ever seen. He also thought it was strange that its propulsion system was silent despite the tremendous speed.

He shared the video on Facebook, and hundreds of social media users watched, gave feedback, and debated it.

Many agreed with Carmen that the object could be an alien UFO flying at top speed to conceal its presence.

One user fancifully suggested that the alleged spaceship took off in the storm because it wanted to use the electric discharges in the sky to charge its power source.

Metallic sphere UFO over Lubbock

The latest UFO sighting report comes after Dave Clayton, a resident of Lubbock, Texas, reported filming a metallic sphere over the city on June 23.

Clayton took to Instagram to share footage of the UFO he described as a “metallic sphere about the size of a smart car” flying against the wind (see video below).

Clayton first assumed it was a balloon but changed his mind when he saw it accelerating as it flew in a straight line against the wind.

Other residents of Lubbock and the environs shared footage that seemed to show the same UFO.

White UFO with vapor sighted over Long Island

A resident of Long Island also reported seeing a strange white UFO soaring over the Suffolk County side of the city.

The resident sighted the white object while driving on the highway around 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 24. He and several drivers stopped to film it.

He shared the footage with his local radio station. The footage sparked a debate as people tried to guess what it was.

He said he first mistook it for a cloud, but he noticed it was a solid object with vapor-like material hanging around it.

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