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‘UFO’ sighting above Indian PM Modi’s residence

Modi UFO alien parody

The ‘UFO’ sighting over Indian PM Modi’s official residence has resulted in lots of amusing and satirical responses online

A UFO was spotted above the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence in New Delhi, India, recently, causing a concern in local law enforcement, the military and his own private security personnel.

The Prime Minister’s security unit initially received the report from Special Protection Group personnel about a round object that was reported to be hovering over the residence. The Prime Minister’s own security, along with the Indian Air Force, Central Industrial Security Forces, and the Delhi International Airport investigated the sighting.

Despite the initial alarm and the multiple agency investigation, nothing was found that they considered to be a threat.  Delhi Police Chief’s spokesperson, Dependra Pathak, said that there was some sort of object in the sky above the Prime Minister’s residence, but was tight-lipped with any other information. Pathak said “The sighting was reported, but nothing threatening was found. More details cannot be shared keeping security reasons in mind”.

The incidence was taken quite seriously as Modi recently survived a foiled assassination attempt and drones are a growing security concern in India and elsewhere.

There is a 2 km no-fly zone around the Prime Minister’s residence and even though no threat was found, an alert was sent to the Intelligence Bureau, National Security Guards and Delhi Air Traffic Control.

Even though the government took this incident very seriously, people of the internet have been having fun making jokes about the sighting. Some of the funnier ones on Twitter include suggestions that aliens were making some sort of interplanetary assassination attempt, and that they wanted Modi to give them a fitness lesson.

It seems likely that the object was a drone of some sort, perhaps even being reported due to crossed-wires between agencies.

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