UAPS brought humanity to brink of nuclear holocaust, fired up Soviet ICBMs aimed at US

UAPs appeared over a Soviet base in Ukraine and fired up nuclear missiles aimed at the U.S.. Pic credit: Pixabay

An investigator claimed that mysterious UAPs that appeared over an ICBM base in Soviet Ukraine nearly sparked a nuclear war when they took over control of the launch systems.

Soviet military personnel and technicians at the base watched helplessly as the alleged UAPs took control of the systems and primed nuclear-armed ICBMs aimed at the US.

The Soviets investigated UAPs

In a statement submitted to the House Oversight Committee investigating UAP phenomena, investigator George Knapp shared details of a trip to Russia shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

In the 1990s, Knapp met the Russian physicist Dr. Nikolai Kapranov while he was visiting the US for arms control talks.

The physicist agreed to arrange for Knapp to travel to Russia to meet former military and intelligence officials who knew about Soviet UFO programs.

Knapp traveled with two colleagues to Russia sometime in the mid-1990s and met with former Soviet officials.

UAPs performed “astonishing maneuvers” over Ukrainian base

Knapp learned that the Soviet authorities commissioned a ten-year study that reviewed thousands of reported UFO sightings.

He met program director Colonel Boris Sokolov who shared details about the program and the UFO incidents they documented.

Sokolov told him about a chilling incident during which UAPS nearly started World War III.

According to Sokolov, UAPs appeared over a Soviet ICBM launch base in Ukraine. They flew in formation and performed various stunning aerial maneuvers while astonished military personnel watched.

UAPs primed nuclear-armed ICBM missiles for launch

They then used unknown methods to take over the systems controlling nuclear-armed ICBMs aimed at the US.

Personnel at the base panicked as the UAPs entered the passwords and fired up the missiles for launch. They couldn’t do anything to stop them.

They struggled to stop the missiles from launching, but after they gave up on hopes of averting a nuclear disaster, the UAPS shut down the systems, turned, and flew away.

It appeared they never had the intention of launching the missiles. They only wanted to demonstrate their capabilities.

Paranormal Papers reported that Sokolov also told Knapp that Russian fighter jets engaged UAPS in aerial battles on at least 45 occasions.

The alleged UAPs shot down three jets, killing two pilots.

Following the incident, the Soviet authorities instructed the military to stop engaging UAPs because the Soviet jets stood no chance against them.

Aliens helped to avert nuclear war, NASA astronaut claimed

The late NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, claimed that during the Cold War, aliens in UFOs intervened on multiple occasions to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Mitchell, who died in 2016 at 86, told the Mirror that benevolent extraterrestrials were concerned about the stockpiling of nuclear weapons after World War II.

They feared for the safety of humans and wanted to prevent the nuclear powers from destroying the world. He said that the aliens monitored test sites and bases to prevent an accidental or deliberate launching of missiles.

They also allegedly disabled launch systems and sabotaged tests.

Mitchell alleged that the aliens intervened during tense moments of the Cold War when the US and the USSR appeared ready to fire nuclear weapons at each other.

Aliens disabled nuclear ICBMS and disrupted test launches

Mitchell was not the first to claim that extraterrestrials monitored nuclear weapon bases and test sites.

Two former Air Force Base officers–Bob Salas and Bob Jacobs–testified to AARO investigators that aliens prevented nuclear launch systems from working.

Salas, a former ICBM launch officer at the Malmstrom AFB, alleged that in March 1967, an orange flying saucer appeared over the base and caused the launch systems to malfunction.

It allegedly shut down ten nuclear warheads at the Oscar Flight Launch Control Facility (LCF).

Robert Jacobs, a photographic instrumentation officer at Vandenberg AFB, claimed that in 1964, a flying saucer disrupted a test launch. It shot beams at the missiles, causing them to miss their targets.

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6 months ago

Yes, this stuff happens. As a matter of fact, it was the aliens who tipped us off about the Fukshima nuclear facilty in Japan.
Btw, the US miltary burnt down Secret Mountain, an alien portal near Sedonia, AZ.
Strange that folks that we might think of as well informed know so little about these things.

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