UAPs are an existential threat to America, Navy pilot witnesses warn

Former U.S. Navy pilots David Fravor and Ryan Graves warned that UAPs are potentially an existential threat to America. Pic credit: PBS NewsHour/YouTube

During the congressional hearing on UFOs, Representative Andy Ogles from Tennessee questioned the three witnesses about the potential threat that UAPs constituted to national security.

All three witnesses–David Grusch, David Fravor, and Ryan Graves–warned that the military could not defend against the UAPs that Navy pilots encountered over the country’s East (Atlantic) and West (Pacific) coasts.

They agreed that UAPs potentially represented an existential threat to the country.

“There clearly is a threat to the national security of the United States of America,” Ogles concluded solemnly.

UAPs could be collecting reconnaissance information

The three witnesses agreed with Congressman Ogles that the UAPs intruding into the national air space could be collecting reconnaissance information.

They said the objects could be probing US military capabilities and testing for vulnerabilities in the military defense systems.

The assessments came after Paranormal Papers reported that Rep. Tim Burchett from Tennessee raised the alarm about UAPs invading the national airspace.

He warned about the situaiton where advanced aircraft that the military could not defend against were intruding into the country’s air space.

UAPs are an existential threat to America

The witnesses agreed with Ogles that UAPs potentially constituted an existential threat to the security of the united states.

They admitted that Navy fighter jets could not stop them. They also warned that the military could not defend against them.

The assessments by the Navy pilots came after they told Congressman Nick Langworthy from New York that the military could not shoot down the Tic Tac UFO Navy CDR. David Fravor and his squadron mates encountered over the coast of San Diego in November 2004.

UAPs may be interested in our nuclear capabilities

Ogles then asked whether the witnesses thought the UAPs were trying to assess US nuclear technology capabilities.

All witnesses believed the UAPs could be interested in the country’s nuclear capabilities.

Grusch added that based on his observations, it was fair to say they were trying to assess the country’s nuclear defense capabilities.

The representative from Tennessee wanted to know whether the Department of Energy was involved in UAP data collection.

Fravor and Graves said they did not know, but Grusch said he could not confirm the information in a public setting.

When Ogles asked whether he would answer the question in a secure setting, Grusch said yes.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell claimed UFOs shut down nuclear missiles

The suggestion that UAPs were assessing US nuke capabilities is consistent with claims by the late NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell(1930-2016) that aliens monitored the world during the Cold War. He said they monitored the world because they wanted to help prevent a nuclear holocaust.

The sixth man on the moon caused a stir when he told Mirror Online that benevolent aliens were working to save humanity from self-extinction.

He claimed they intervened on at least one occasion to prevent the US and the USSR from firing nuclear missiles at each other.

Paranormal Papers reported that two former Air Force Base (AFB) officers, Robert Salas and Dr. Robert Jacobs, testified to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) that in the 1960s, aliens disabled nuclear missile launch systems. They also stopped test launches by causing the electronic systems to malfunction.

Salas told Larry King that in March 1967, the nuclear missile launch systems at Malmstrom AFB malfunctioned after they saw a giant orange flying saucer hovering over the base.

They believed the craft caused the systems to malfunction, shutting down ten nuclear warheads.

There is a threat to the national security, Ogles warned

Representative Ogles concluded that the testimonies of the witnesses indicated there was “a threat to the national security of the United States of America.”

“As members of Congress, we have a responsibility to maintain oversight and be aware of these activities so that if appropriate, we take actions,” he said. “I would encourage the chairman to demand that we have [Grusch and others] talk to us in a SCIF.”

“If [SCIF access] is denied, I would personally volunteer to initiate the Holman Rule against personnel or any program or any agency that denies access to Congress,” he added.

What is the Holman Rule?

The Holman Rule is a House of Representatives rule that empowers Congress to reduce the funding for government programs, cut remuneration, or fire federal employees through amendments to the appropriations legislation.

The first version of the rule came into effect in 1876. Congress rescinded it in 1983, reinstated it in 2017-2019, and revived it in 2023.

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