Spectacular ‘longest known video of Bigfoot’ at Marble Mountains stuns believers

A group of young hikers allegedly filmed the “longest known video of Bigfoot ever recordeed.” Pic credit: Jim Mills via Purple Grizzly/YouTube

A group of young Christian backpackers allegedly had a spectacular encounter with a Bigfoot while hiking in the Marble Mountains of Northern California.

A video (see the YouTube below) of the incident in June 2001 is attracting attention online after Bigfoot enthusiasts and media outlets rediscovered it.

Enthusiasts hailed the Marble Mountains Bigfoot footage as the “longest known video of Bigfoot ever recorded.”

A Christian youth group leader filmed the Bigfoot

Multiple online sources identify the author of the 7-minute footage, which first emerged online in 2011, as Jim Mills, a leader of a Christian youth group known as Campus Life.

The group was hiking in mountainous terrain when they came to a spot where they saw a hut-like shelter of leaves and branches. Examination of the site suggested it was the home of a humanoid creature.

They noticed claw marks on some of the nearby trees. They also observed evidence that the creature that built the nest had great strength.

It must have required superhuman strength to snap the stout branches from trees without a hatchet or other slashing instrument.

Bigfoot walking!

While the young hikers were wondering with apprehension what sort of creature occupied the site, they suddenly spotted a gigantic humanoid figure silhouetted against the sky walking down the slope of a hill overlooking their position.

Although the figure in the video looks human, the group reported it was not human. They said it was furry, much taller and bigger than any human. It had long arms reaching farther down the legs than humans.

The witnesses claimed it seemed “extremely agitated” after it noticed that people had discovered its camp.

They saw it shaking its fist at them furiously and hopping angrily.

Bigfoot-like creature was allegedly 8 feet tall

Mills and his friends believed the mysterious creature was a Bigfoot. So they shared the footage with Bigfoot researchers from the Animal Planet network.

The researchers arranged for a helicopter to transport them to the site at Marble Mountains to investigate. They reportedly claimed that evidence they collected at the site and analysis of video suggested the creature was about 8 feet tall and weighed about 700 lbs.

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